Over the last few weeks, a video of a Jamaican man rapping about all of the beneficial attributes of cucumbers has taken over the internet. As he lists off everything from health to beauty tips, the rap turns into a work of rhyming, lyrical genius.

After doing some digging, I found out that the vegetable guru is actually a famous reggae musician with the stage name Macka-B. He has an entire website dedicated to his music and career, and he is touring all over the world as a DJ. Given his passion for cucumbers, it's not surprising that Macka-B is a vegan and even has a music video on the contents of his diet.

After coming to terms with this man's unparalleled passion for the green veggie, I was left wondering if the "humble cu-cumba" really possesses all of the qualities that Macka-B claims, or if rhyme took precedence over truth. Below I've listed various quotes from the famous song, alongside the results of my fact-checking endeavors.

"Silica, hair, and nails get longer"

Right off the bat, this was the claim I was most skeptical about, but it turns out the vegetable enthusiast does not lie. Cucumbers contain both sulfur and silicon, which combine to boost hair growth and strengthen nails. 

"Kidney cleaner, great hydrator"

No surprise here: since cucumbers are over 90% water, they are one of the most efficient foods to add to your diet if you want to maximize your water intake—that is, without necessarily drinking any more water than you usually do.  

"Put it in a jug overnight...energy drink full of electrolytes"

Again, I was feeling skeptical that a glass of refreshing cucumber water could have the same effect on my body as a can of jet-fuel (read: Red Bull), but as it turns out, cucumbers actually do contain enough B vitamins, sugar, and electrolytes to help combat headaches and hangovers. Guess you better start leaving a cucumber next to your bed before a night out. 

"Put a slice on your eyes, take away dryness—revitalize!"

We've all seen the stereotypical spa images of people in face masks with cucumber slices on their eyes, but cucumber is actually used in a ton of beauty products and creams for its moisturizing qualities. You can even make your own moisturizer at home with cucumber juice and just a few other ingredients. 

Lucky for us, we can enjoy this catchy tune knowing that the man behind the rap actually has all of his facts straight. With hundreds of thousands of views on his video, I'd like to think that Macka-B has convinced an enclave of veggie haters that this lean-green-health-machine might just be worth their time.