You've probably seen Daily Harvest advertise their smoothie cups and blendable soups on social media. Maybe you've even clicked on their website and browsed through their lattes, chia bowls and healthy bites. But if you haven't made an account and placed your first order, I'm here to tell you to take that step.

Getting acquainted with Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest delivers a box of frozen, pre-portioned meals with easy-to-follow preparation instructions. Smoothie cups come with directions to add almond milk or coconut water, and then they're seamlessly blended into breakfast, lunch, dinner, or my personal favorite meal, dessert. The brand also makes veggie bowls--called harvest bowls--oatmeal, soups, chia bowls and protein bites. Warmer bowls, such as soups, can be made on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Celine Macura

The best thing about Daily Harvest? Convenience.

What I like most about Daily Harvest's meals is their "hidden" ingredients. Each cup comes with a clear list of what's inside, but a delicious mint chocolate flavored smoothie hides the taste of spinach and chlorella, all while providing the nutritious values they offer. On a busy schedule and juggling classes on top of extracurriculars, it's often easier to opt for a quick fix than to assemble a salad. Daily Harvest makes it impossible not to miss the much-needed fruits, veggies, and supplements we need to keep our bodies and minds running. 

Celine Macura

According to the Daily Harvest website, all produce is frozen "within hours of harvest," maintaining freshness and ripeness. The cups have caps with a straw-hole, making them perfect for on-the-go meals. May I suggest a reusable straw? If you drink a Daily Harvest smoothie everyday, plastic straws can add up. When it comes to picking which smoothie to drink, for early-morning classes, I prefer the thicker, coffee-infused options. Not only do they offer a great morning boost, but they also keep me satisfied until lunch. 

How much does subscribing to Daily Harvest cost?

When it comes to pricing, Daily Harvest is certainly an investment. It offers five different pricing plans, which, depending on how many cups you order per week, vary from $6.99 to $7.99 per cup. The weekly subscription can be easily pushed off with their "skip week" feature, so you don't have to worry about deliveries when you're out of town. They also offer a monthly subscription, in which 24 to 26 cups are delivered in one order.

Tips for getting the most out of Daily Harvest meals

Freezer Burn

Make sure not to forget your cups in the freezer for weeks on end! The meals are meant to be prepared and consumed within the week or month they're delivery. If you wait longer than that, they may develop freezer burn and be significantly less delicious.

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down

Sometimes infused greens makes the meals a little bitter. In such cases, I mix in a packet of stevia.

All the way up

Fill your liquid base to the top. Not enough liquid can make the smoothie too thick to blend. 

Power baby!

Use a high-powered blender to make the smoothies. In my experience, the NutriBullet has been most successful, while the Magic Bullet leaves clumps and takes much longer. 

Celine Macura

If you're looking for quick, easy meals delivered to your door, Daily Harvest is your new best friend. See why I've fallen in love with the brand after just a few orders. Soon enough, you'll be repeating their slogan as your mantra: "We take care of food, so that food can take care of you."

Celine Macura