I have always been a sucker for a good booty workout. I'm the girl at the gym who lives under the squat rack and doesn't go near any of the upper body machines. Whenever I see a new video or workout plan that focuses on glutes, I always look into it. Katie Austin is one of the many fitness accounts that I follow. Katie is the daughter of Denise Austin, who is a very famous fitness instructor. Katie followed in her mother's footsteps, and is now a popular fitness instructor herself. She recently came out with a 21 Day Booty Sculpt Challenge and when I saw this, I immediately became interested. The plan is pretty cheap and it comes with your own booty (resistance) band, so it was an easy decision for me to purchase it. I completed Katie Austin's 21 Day Booty Sculpt Challenge, and these are my takes on it.

About The Plan

Austin's workout plan is quick and easy to follow. Each daily workout only takes 10-12 minutes to complete. Throughout the 21 days of booty focused workouts, 16 of the days are actual workout days and 5 days are for rest. The only equipment you need is the booty band, which is shipped to you when you purchase the plan. So yes, that means you don't have to pick up a single dumbbell to complete the 21 day challenge (hallelujah!). 

When you purchase the plan, you are emailed a PDF that contains the workouts. There are descriptions and pictures to help you understand how to perform each booty blasting move. Everyday there are three different exercises to perform and repeat to complete the whole set. Each exercise lasts for 20-40 seconds and each set is repeated three times. 

The Workouts

The best part of the 21 Day Booty Sculpt Challenge is that each day consists of different and unique exercises. This was really helpful because I always get sick of the classic "squat and lunge" combination. Now that I have completed the challenge, I incorporate my favorite moves from the plan into my own booty workouts. So instead of camping out under the squat rack, I now have a whole list of exercises that target my butt, which definitely keeps me more interested in my workouts.

All of the exercises work different areas of your glutes (perfect for that bubble butt effect). The "clam move" works your outer cheeks, the "mini RDL variation" hits your booty and hammies, and the "half circle leg raises" just burn all over. I think a big problem people have with growing their glutes, is that they perform the same/similar exercises. In this case, you might not be hitting all of the muscles in your butt. However, all areas of your booty are focused on in this workout plan.

My Reccomendations

Austin recommends that you add these workouts on to your normal workout. For example, perform the booty workout and then go for a run or do an ab routine. If you only do the booty challenge as your workout, you will not see big results. To my ladies who are new to working out, these workouts are great to learn how to engage your glutes and "feel the burn". These exercises are simple, effective, and will really help you start building that booty. As for the more experienced ladies, these circuits are really good to use as a warm up. These moves will help wake up your glutes and activate them before you begin your actual workout. 

Is It Worth It?

I would highly recommend this plan to anyone who is new to working out. It is a great stepping stone into the workout world. The moves are easy to build off of and can be incorporated into your everyday workouts. But if you are already efficient in working out, specifically with your glutes, you probably won't find this plan super beneficial. Like I mentioned before, it can be a really good warm up, but you can also find other great ways to warm up your glutes by scrolling through a fitness guru's Instagram account

If you don't want to buy Austin's workout plans, then I would definitely suggest following her on Instagram. She posts a lot of effective and difficult workouts, and she even does food guides. Especially for us college students, Austin is an awesome account to follow for motivation. She is very successful, healthy, and has a bubbly personality that makes you want to see more of her.