While there are tons of articles just like this one all over the Internet–girls trying out a VS diet and workout/training plan for a limited amount of time and chronicling their experiences afterward–I have yet to read one that ended successfully or one where someone actually followed both plans without cutting any corners. Thus, I was determined to be successful in my endeavors to try to live like a VS angel for a week. This has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while, so over winter break, I took it upon myself to do tons of research on many of the current Victoria’s Secret models to see each of their different approaches to workouts and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle for each of them.

Surprisingly, this week wasn’t very challenging. In so many of the videos I watched where other girls would “try a Victoria’s Secret diet,” it was often extremely painful and challenging for them, which I think paints a negative picture. First of all, some of them chose extreme diets like one week juice cleanses, which newsflash, even dietitians don’t recommend and only a select few of the models follow these in the weeks leading up to the annual VS fashion show. Second, contrary to popular belief, the models eat very well (and they have to because of their rigorous daily workouts!). They’re obviously not starving themselves because then they would have no energy to work out as hard as they have to.

Through my research, I found that each model has her favorite way of working out. Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima love boxing, Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge enjoy ballet, Maria Borges does Zumba, Karlie Kloss likes long-distance running, and Candice Swanepoel and Sara Sampaio like pilates. What it all comes down to is finding what works best for you, and what makes you happiest. Romee Strijd is my idol, so naturally, I decided to follow most of her workout plan, as well as her diet, for my one week challenge.

Here's What Went Down:

My Workout for the Week

- a 3-mile run

· leg stretches

· toe touches (standing) x12

· crunches x60

· Russian twists x30, x15

· bird-dog pose x5 each side

· toe touch crunches (lying on your back with your legs in the air) x25

· leg raises x15, x12

· glute bridges x25

· donkey kicks x25 each leg

· fire hydrants x25 each leg

· 25 squats with a 15lb kettle bell

I really love this workout because it truly pushes me to my limits. In the beginning, Russian twists and leg raises were not my friends. They were just daunting exercises that seemed like they would cause me more pain than enjoyment. It might be that way when you’re first starting your workout, but I promise it gets easier with time.

My Diet for the Week

- coffee and oatmeal with fruit for breakfast

· either an RX bar or a green apple and avocado toast for lunch

· popcorn as a snack

· various dinners:

o spaghetti squash and Italian toast with ricotta, grapes, and thyme

o salad

o salmon with rice and veggies

o veggie quesadillas

o margherita pizza (yes, models DO eat pizza every once in a while)

o chicken with veggies

o turkey burger with veggies

· tons of water and green tea!!!

When the week started, I was determined to make it to the end without succumbing to any weaknesses. The hardest part for me ended up being running every single day (except Tuesday, which I used as my one “off” day because my Tuesday class schedule comes straight from hell). I really enjoyed the diet because every meal was healthy, tasted good, and most importantly, made me feel good (esp. the marg pizza ;)) I managed to make it through the entire week without cheating. By the end, I felt super healthy, happy, and like I could accomplish anything.

Overall, I would totally recommend trying out a challenge like this. You might even surprise yourself and find out that it’s not even a challenge at all!