Eating like a real-life princess has always been a goal of mine and after the royal wedding, Meghan Markle mania is at an all time high. I learned that Meghan and I both love macaroni and cheese (with peas) and acai bowls. I also learned that she cooks her own healthy food everyday and regularly treats herself to fries (same girl, SAME). I have to reiterate that for obvious reasons, Meghan Markle did not tell me these things herself, they have been deduced from interviews and the wellness blog she used to run. Also, I did not miraculously turn into Meghan Markle after this and have met NO princes. Like 0 princes. 

Day 1: Already Forgot to Avoid Dairy and Caffeine

Meghan Markle allegedly loves to workout and enjoys cardio and yoga. I went to spin class this morning and felt truly princess-like. Just kidding - I felt really tired and needed caffeine. I accidentally went and got a latte which has caffeine AND dairy (both of which Meghan regularly avoids). Instead of coffee, it is reported that Meghan enjoys water with lemon. There’s always day 2! After this small mishap, I had a green smoothie for breakfast with spinach, almond milk, cacao nibs, and mint. Meghan is said to love green smoothies and makes them daily in her Vitamix. 

One of Meghan’s favorite foods is TACOS. She’s from LA and I live on the East Coast, so I could not get her favorite salmon tacos but I got amazing (and healthy) vegan tacos and felt energized and full. In the afternoon, Meghan reaches for green juice instead of coffee for energy. I got a juice that Meghan swears by: kale, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger. I have to admit it could have tasted better, but it was nice knowing that Meghan drinks that exact juice so I was definitley following the challenge. Afterwards, I think my blood sugar spiked and I was pretty energetic. However, I later hit a slump and felt the need for more juice.

Last but not least, I had a kale salad for dinner with sunflower seeds & cranberries. Meghan enjoys eating fresh whole foods. The kale salad was not enough for me for dinner so I also ate some fresh mango! Meghan has said that she enjoys large lunches and smaller dinners which is something that goes against my usual late night bread and cheese. I'm already ready for breakfast!

Day 2: "Accidentally" Ate Cheesecake

Instead of drinking regular water at my spin class, I brought lemon water. I’m not entirely sure if I felt any different, but it definitley tasted better. Meghan apparently drinks lemon water every morning! It is supposed to be great for your metabolism and skin. Meghan also says that she treats cardio like a moving meditation. I attempted to do that as well by focusing on my breathing as I worked out, rather than how much I wanted to stop. I definitley need some practice with that. Meghan is a big proponent of always eating breakfast, so I picked up a vegan omelette and some marinated kale. This might not sound appetizing, but it was surprisingly flavorful and filling. I learned that kale tastes much better marinated with lemon and spices than it does plain. Omelettes are one of Meghan’s favorite breakfasts and finding an egg free one was definitley a worthwhile challenge!

For lunch, I went to get a chia bowl/acai bowl combo at Playa Bowls. Meghan makes chia pudding every week and she frequently got acai bowls while in Toronto. I stuck to what she apparently ordered in Toronto, an acai bowl (with chia pudding) topped with hemp granola, hemp hearts, banana, agave, and blueberry. I think she would have ordered this at Playa Bowls. This was a pretty easy lunch because I love acai bowls. I was skeptical about the addition of chia pudding, but actually really enjoyed it despite the gooey consistency. I would definitley recommend this combo for breakfast or lunch!

One of the reasons that this challenge is so accessible is that so many of these foods I already had in my kitchen. For a snack, I had Meghan’s all time fave - hummus with carrots and chips. Since I’m eating vegan this week, the hummus is a great source of plant based protein. Lastly, for dinner, I had vegan sushi with brown rice and it was amazing. However, my boyfriend brought me cheesecake and I have to admit I may have eaten the whole thing. So, this veganism is more difficult than expected. Plus, I’m pretty sure Meghan would not have eaten cheesecake. Then again, she’s all about balance.

Day 3: Developed a Love for Non-Dairy Ben & Jerry's

Woke up and had the ~lemon~ water again. I would definitley recommend sqeezing a lemon into your water bottle in the morning. Super refreshing! For breakfast, I had Meghan’s go-to, some steel cut oats and fruit. It was pretty filling and yummy, and so easy to make. Perfect for a post workout meal. I have to say eating like Meghan is so much easier than I expected and much more filling

For lunch, I went out and got vegan vegetable rolls on a rice wrap. She loves fresh vegetables and I thought rolls would taste better than a salad. Plus, it’s a low sugar and low carb meal. I also got a butternut squash soup as Meghan loves soup and I love squash. I’m starting to feel like Meghan loves all food which is perfect because SAME. For a snack, I had quinoa chips and guacamole. It’s nice to be able to eat healthy but also delicious foods, instead of avoiding certain foods altogether.

Dinnertime was kind of a bust. I made a rigatone with quinoa pesto. I would say that regular pesto is probably healthy enough so I would not recommend the quinoa version - super grainy. I was then SO tempted to eat ice cream because I was still hungry. Thankfully, Ben & Jerry’s has awesome non-dairy flavors. I got the PB cookie flavor which I highly recommend, it has so much peanut butter which is the best. Then I had some chamomile tea with honey and finally had a fully vegan day. (Is honey vegan?)  

Day 4: Discovering that Tofu can Taste Good

Today after spin (really have to diversify my workout routine), I had a green smoothie that Meghan would love, probably. I also had her signature lemon water so WIN WIN. I have to say even though I’m eating pretty healthy, I feel like I’m more full than I usually am. Healthy foods can fill you up even more than empty calories! Who knew?

For lunch I went to a vegan restaurant and got chilaquiles. The restaurant is called Seed to Sprout in New Jersey and I would highly recommend their chilaquiles. Meghan enjoys fresh Mexican food and Seed to Sprout makes incredible protein packed tofu chilaquiles. After that, I snacked on some non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s. If we’re being real, I don’t think Meghan would snack on this but it is SO good. I plan on finishing the pint later tonight!

For dinner, I made some simple mini avocado toasts which is one of Meghan’s favorites. I made it on a baguette which Meghan also loves. She apparently loves all carbs which is so relatable. Eating like Meghan is great because I’m not depriving myself of carbs or sugar (my two favorite food groups) and I’m eating healthier versions (for the most part) of these foods.

Day 5: It's all About Balance

Last day of eating vegan for the challenge started off with some chia & quinoa granola with almond milk. Such a good pre-workout snack! Whole grains instead of simple sugars is such a good sustained energy boost. It was definitely a lighter breakfast so I was ready to have a large lunch. Meghan says she enjoys large lunches and smaller dinners which is ideal for digestion.

Lunchtime rolled around so it was time for a quinoa veggie burger with loads of avocado. I don’t always like veggie burgers, but quinoa and spices makes them taste pretty good. Plus, I got a side of fries to share (which is what Meghan says lunch is all about). I also ate Cape Cod chips which Meghan Markle probably would not eat but again, it’s all about balance. For a snack, I had Meghan’s favorite which is apple slices, almond butter, and sea salt. I prefer peanut butter over almond butter, but it still tasted really good and I loved the addition of sea salt.

I finally got to hot yoga, a favorite of Meghan’s and actually felt pretty energized afterward! After yoga, I treated myself to some vegan pad thai because again, it’s all about balance. During the weekend, I decided to add back dairy because Meghan apparently only stays vegan during the week. The moral of story is: balance is key!

Overall, eating like Meghan has been pretty awesome. She keeps it real by enjoying her favorite foods, but also incorporates tons of healthy produce. I could definitley keep this up, but I’m kind of craving pizza.