Clueless is one of the most iconic movies of the 20th century. Based off of Jane Austen's Emma, teenage socialite Cher Horowitz  navigates high school life through match-making, makeovers, and acessories. Cher may be materialistic and a bit, well, clueless, but she cares deeply for others and knows the benefits of self-care. Plus, she has the best fashion sense.

Besides being the decade with arguably the best fashion sense, the 90's was an age of fad diets. From the Atkins diet to the blood type diet, every girl modeled their body (and hair!) after Jennifer Anniston's. Trying to be the queen of her high school takes a lot of work, and Cher probably did a lot to keep her figure. So, she eats low fat, drinks orange juice, and makes sure that the food she puts in her body will benefit her.

But, could I, a totally buggin' college student, try Cher's diet? Could I live off of Special K and Diet Coke? I took a day to figure out if Cher's diet was healthy and fulfilling, or just another 90's fad.

I re-watched Clueless and created a day of how I think Cher would eat. Then, I went to Target and bought all the food I needed. 

Breakfast- 10:30 AM

Madeleine Mason

I started off my day as I assumed Cher would, with a bowl of Special K and three pieces of veggie bacon. Normally, I hate eating cereal for breakfast- It's overly sweet and feels like I'm eating dessert. The Special K wasn't that bad, but I felt my teeth cringe as I ate it. The veggie bacon was okay- It smelled like dog food and tasted like salty nothingness. I felt comfortably full by the end, which was nice.

Second Breakfast- 11:00 AM

muesli, rice, cereal, milk, oatmeal
Madeleine Mason

Cher doesn't just eat one bowl of Special K: she eats two. So I had to follow in our savior's footsteps and do the same. The second bowl really pushed my limit- I didn't like how full it made me feel, and it just felt unnecessary. 

Lunch- 1:30 PM

beer, chocolate, cake
Madeleine Mason

Lunch was more of a midday snack. All I ate was a handful of popcorn, low-fat Greek yogurt, and a Diet Pepsi. It was very nice, though, compared to the heavy breakfast I had. Lunch did, however, force me to eat two things I despise, Greek yogurt and soda. I can't eat dairy products, but I couldn't find a low-fat, non-dairy yogurt that wasn't full of sugar. I gave up searching and bought a high quality, low-fat Greek yogurt, hoping it wouldn't screw up my stomach. I couldn't eat the whole thing, but I managed to stomach about half of the container. The Diet Pepsi left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, and I left lunch feeling a little bit bloated.

Snack- 2:30 PM

Madeleine Mason

Lunch left me feeling extremely groggy and tired. While I was thankful to have some sugar to give me and energy boost, I was not excited for the crash that would happen later. After eating three pieces of licorice and five peanut M&M's, I was zoning out in my class. How does Cher stay so attentive and present on this diet? Maybe I needed another soda...

Dinner- 6:00 PM

gnocchi, kale, pesto, spinach
Madeleine Mason

I was starving by the time dinner rolled around. The Greek yogurt did a good job at keeping me decently full until the end of the day. By the time I got back to my dorm, all I wanted to do was stuff my face with whatever I could find. But Cher wouldn't do that. So, I fixed a low-cholesterol dinner of garlicky spinach and "chicken" (it's fake chicken, but still delicious). This meal was my favorite. It was satisfying, savory, and a delight to eat. The one bad thing about this meal was having to enjoy it with an overly-sweet Snapple. I hate sugary drinks, and the Snapple tasted gross and out of place with the meal. I could only drink half before throwing it away.

In retrospect, this is the typical diet of a high schooler. It seems normal, but in reality, it's not very satisfying. I didn't get a lot of protein throughout the day, felt sluggish from all the sugar, and ate under 2,000 calories. Cher, I love you, but we need to add more spice to your diet. How about some toast with peanut butter for breakfast, or a big salad for lunch?