I get bored easily—it's one of the biggest traits of my sign, Sagittarius. We also like adventure. So, now that classes are over, and I'm spending more time at my apartment with my kitchen, I decided I wanted to switch up my diet a little. Basing my recipes off this page on PETA's site, I ate according to my zodiac sign for a week. 


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Kristine Mahan

I started out the week at my parent's house. I was thrilled that PETA recommended root veggies, onions, and garlic—the perfect trifecta of ingredients for a hearty soup. I was recovering from an overnight bus trip from New York back to North Carolina, so I didn't wake up until it was almost time for dinner. Oops. Two missed meals aside, the soup I had for dinner was perfect. 


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Jocelyn Hsu

My Southern body's inability to handle New York City's snow caught up to me by Tuesday. I felt so bad that I stayed at my parent's house another day because I didn't think I could stay alert long enough to drive back to Wilmington. I ate according to my zodiac sign today with leftover soup from Monday night, and some fruit (PETA recommended apples, oranges, and pears). 


Olivia Clifton

I had officially given up on overcoming my cold by Wednesday. Finally back at home in Wilmington by late afternoon, I had some mango strips as a snack and then made a pack of Soy Sauce Top Ramen for dinner. I added a Quorn Chick'n Cutlet for more protein, and a clove of garlic. Usually, I put a Sriracha spiral on top of my ramen, but PETA told me to avoid "burning out" my Fire Sign with spicy foods. This was probably in my best interest this week anyway—my cold was already making me sniffle, I didn't need to add hot sauce to the mix.  

#SpoonTip: Top Ramen is officially endorsing their "blue" noodle flavor as vegetarian. Check out the top right corner of the pack! Sodium never felt so guilt-free. 


parsley, mayo, salt, appetizer, fries, potatoes
Josi Miller

I was still feeling like garbage on Thursday and craving comfort food, big time. I'm thankful for the many ways in which we can prepare and consume root veggies, specifically potatoes. In the interest of cleaning out my freezer in preparation for winter break, I finished off a bag of garlic tater tots and topped them with garlic aioli...and a little bit of Sriracha for some heat. Sorry, PETA.   


ice, water, alcohol, sake, liquor, tonic, vodka
Christin Urso

I took an overnight trip to East Carolina University in Greenville on Friday night. PETA told me to stay away from alcohol if I wanted to eat according to my zodiac sign...but one of the traits of my sign is also that I like testing my limits. I started out the night just fine with a buttery, delicious grilled cheese from Panera, but ended it with chilled shots of Tito's Vodka and cajun fries from Cookout on the way home from the bars. Whoops. 


pizza, pepperoni, crust, salami, cheese, dough, tomato, mozzarella
Mary Voelker

Fellow astrology buffs will know that Saturn has been in Sagittarius since 2014 and leaves on Monday...but it wasn't going out without a bang! On my way out of Greenville, my Jeep's tire shredded dramatically on the highway and I ended up staying in Greenville another night so I could get a new tire. The trip from ECU to Wilmington is too far for the spare. I stayed with my friend another night. We ordered a white sauce pizza with shredded asiago cheese and drank wine because I needed it. Sue me. 


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Caroline Ingalls

On Sunday, I finally arrived home over 24 hours after I'd originally tried to leave Greenville. Exhausted, shaken up, and $130 poorer from purchasing a tire, I wasn't in the mood for the grocery store. Instead, I just ate some whole-grain cereal with dried fruit, drank a long-overdue liter of water, and went the hell to sleep. Booooring. 

Overall, this week sucked, but I can't blame it on my diet. Saturn was exiting my sign after being here kicking my ass since I graduated high school in 2014, and was making sure I'd never forget it. Maybe next time I decide that I'm going to live by my sign, I'll make sure there aren't any big planetary changes going on first.