Have you ever seen someone eating foods that you thought just do not go together? I asked students on Boston University's campus what some of their weirdest favorite food combinations are. The answers might shock you, make you straight up say "Huh?", or surprisingly make your mouth water. What I discovered? Sometimes you're just craving something so weird, even you can't explain it. 

1.  Banana and mayo

"Every time I mention this to people, they think I'm crazy. But it's good, I swear!"

- Rebecca (BU '20)

2. Pizza and honey

"I really like sweet and savory things. One day I was eating left over pizza and just thought, 'What would it taste like if I put honey on it?' So I did just that."

- Sabrina (BU '21)

3. Ice cream and hot sauce

"Sometimes I like to put hot sauce on vanilla ice cream. It's a really cool sensation because the ice cream cools the burning feeling of the hot sauce while you're eating it."

- Ricky (BU '21)

4. Scrambled eggs and sprinkles

"My grandma would make me this for breakfast every time I slept over. It's honestly amazing but you have to use colorful sprinkles so that, when the sprinkles melt, the eggs turn rainbow." 

- Molly (BU '19)

5. Mushrooms and chocolate

"I honestly can't explain this one. I just had a craving for mushrooms and chocolate so I made chocolate covered shiitake mushrooms. I can't say I'd recommend it...but I also wouldn't not recommend it."

- Aaron (BU '20)

I was definitely surprised with some of these combinations. Pizza and honey sounds like it could taste really good, especially with meat, but I don't know about mushrooms and chocolate. What do you think? Are you brave enough to try any of these crazy combinations?