As some of you may have realized, breaking into the music industry can be pretty hard. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and time to get started. Luckily, some people are willing to rise and grind in order to provide us with some dope jams to blast in the car and sing in the shower. One of those people happens to be Kid Kern, a stylish, up and coming music artist from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.


Photo by Kid Kern

I reached out to Kid Kern after I found him on Instagram and asked him to bless us all with a rap about food, which he graciously offered to do. The best part? It’s about Taco BellIt’s like he literally read the minds of college kids everywhere. He’s the hero we never knew we needed. Some reactions to this foodie anthem:

“I’m vibing right now.” – CJ Dona

“I feel, like, a personal connection to this.” – Mckenna Reilly

“Wow I love this.” – Allie Miller

“Can we pregame to this?” – Meghan Shevlin

“Yo what’s this dude’s name? I like his stuff a lot.” – Some rando who was eavesdropping

When I originally asked him to write this song for us, I didn’t think that it would be as good as it was. I thought it would be funny and simple, but the quality work that he produced (yeah you heard me right, he did it all himself) really speaks volumes for the dedication that he puts into his career, even with something seemingly so small for a school and club that he was unfamiliar with. I sat down and asked him a few questions about music and food, and here’s what he said:

Spoon: How did you get started in the music industry?

KK: When I was 8 I would freestyle rap, and then when I was 14, right before high school, I downloaded a song recorder and fell in love. Ever since then I have been recording my own music.

Spoon: Who are your favorite artists?

KK: I really like J. Cole, Travis Mills, Logic, and Lil B. I appreciate anyone in the business because I know how hard it is, it’s something I look up to.

Spoon: What’s your favorite food?

KK: Taco Bell.

Spoon: Why did you choose to rap about Taco Bell?

KK: Well you said to rap about food, and I’ve never really been asked that before so I thought that was cool. Taco Bell was something I could really express my feels for, so that’s what came to mind.

Spoon: What is your favorite thing from Taco Bell?

KK: Doritos Locos Tacos – the fiery one.

Spoon: If you could have one food named after you, what would it be?

KK: My father actually has a sandwich named after him called the Kernzie, so I’d have a sandwich called the Kid Kernzie. It would be some sort of fajita sandwich served on a tortilla.

Spoon: What restaurant would be ideal for a first date?

KK: I don’t want to deter from Taco Bell, but not Taco Bell. Probably like, an upscale Taco Bell. No chains, but something low key that serves Mexican food.


Photo by Kid Kern

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for:

If you want more Kid Kern, be sure to hit up his Twitter (@Kid_Kern) and Insta (@thekidkern).

P.S. Ladies, he’s single (and cute, amirite?!)