I’m from a mountain town in Oregon that puts a premium on all things outdoors. There’s a ski mountain, several cold mountain lakes, a mountain range, and countless desert rock formations for climbing. This love of nature translates to a love of all things eco-friendly, and this translates to water bottles.


Photo courtesy of woodsmonkey.com

Hydroflask is a company that was founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon. They make insulated water bottles that famously keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for six. I’m sure you’ve been disappointed by these claims by other companies plenty of times, but trust me when I say, Hydroflask does it best. Also, they make pint glasses that’ll keep your craft brews cold and carbonated. You’re welcome.


Photo courtesy of govx.com

Aside from preserving your beverages, Hydroflask makes plastic water bottles totally obsolete. I carry mine with me everywhere, and I find myself reaching less and less for a plastic water bottle and searching more and more for a water fountain to refill my Hydro.

They run a little pricey, but buy one, and you’ll be set forever. They come in all kinds of cool colors, so you can keep your water cold and your environmental conscious clean in style. You can buy yours here.