As if the idea of food isn’t already appealing enough to you, here are 7 more reasons to join Spoon University at Hunter College this semester. Apply for your chance to become a certified foodie and join the first ever chapter of Spoon at Hunter. 

1. You finally have the perfect reason to shamelessly take a photo of your food! 

Get on a chair, find a step ladder, open the blinds for crying out loud. You’re allowed to take as many photos of your food as you want because you’re part of the coolest food publication on campus. Better yet, at Spoon events, you aren’t the only one taking photos of the food (so you won’t have to worry about us taking a bite before you’re done snapping).

2. Your social media presence is going to skyrocket.

You’ll gain access to exclusive workshops that will teach you how to get more traffic on your own social platforms, build your own personal brand and become a social media influencer – not to mention the incredible amount of worldwide connections you’ll have access to.

3. You’re making a new community of foodies who love to read about, talk about, and eat food. 

Just your day one foodies, getting together a few times a month to pitch article ideas and brainstorm campus events in the company of a box of Gabriel’s pizza and cheap Pinot Grigio (most likely in a box) from the Wine Rack. Not only do we work hard, but we play hard too.

4. TONS OF...Free. Food.

Yes, friends – I just put “free” and “food” in the same sentence. If that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is.

5. Access to amazing, brilliant cooking hacks you may have never thought of by yourself.

All the parts of cooking and baking that make it fun and easy will now be open to you. You’re welcome.

6. You can eat for an hour a few times a week with friends and have it look perfect on your resume. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to show future employers that you’re involved on campus and you pursue the things you’re passionate about (like food).

7. Kickstarting something new that students in the future years can look back on! 

Think about it. Your time here is short and if you don’t explore the opportunities outside of your formal education, your degree won’t carry much value. Don’t get me wrong, school is absolutely important – but what you do outside of the classroom is what counts the most. With Spoon, you’ll learn the hard skills that will differentiate you from other candidates in a future job interview. You’ll gain useful skills in Photoshop, writing, communications and PR, public speaking, and simply how to be a better people person.

Close that Netflix tab for two minutes and take the time to apply to something that’ll change your life for the better.

To apply, visit, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the application for Hunter College. 

You can also reach out to the Spoon Hunter College leadership team by emailing

Visit our Facebook Page to stay in the loop during the application period, Spoon University at Hunter College.