Sabra is undoubtedly the most popular hummus brand ever; they actually make up over 60% (and rising) of the US hummus market. And while this isn't to say that Sabra isn't a great hummus brand (because we all know it is), there are a ton of other amazing and widely distributed hummus brands that sell unique flavors. Here are five different brands to add to your hummus bucket list. 

1. Tribe Hummus

Tribe Hummus, although a much smaller and less well-known brand of hummus compared to Sabra, makes their products "with love and chickpeas." The brand sells 17 delectable flavors of hummus including their classic hummus, everything hummus, made with the seeds found on your typical everything bagel, and spicy red pepper hummus.

Tribe also sells a revolutionary "swirl hummus," which is essentially a mix of different dips — two examples being a fiery Sriracha hummus and salsa hummus. If you love Tribe hummus a lot, like I do, you can buy a 16 oz size to share with friends and family or to just hoard for yourself. 

2. Athenos Hummus

Made with 30% less fat and 100% real olive oil, Athenos hummus makes for a delicious and healthy snack. Much like Tribe hummus, Athenos offers their own take on the classic and red pepper hummus flavors.

However, in addition, they also sell more unique flavors such as an artichoke garlic hummus, which is somewhat reminiscent of a hot artichoke dip, and black olive hummus, which tastes like a perfect blend between hummus and the beloved olive tapenade. Athenos also sells their own line of baked pita chips to pair with their seven delicious hummus types.

3. Hope Hummus

Although produced on a small farm in the heart of Colorado and originally only offered at the Boulder County Farmer's Market, Hope Hummus products are now sold at food markets nationwide.

Initially known for their spicy avocado hummus, Hope also makes other unique flavors such as dark chocolate hummus, dark chocolate coconut hummus, kale pesto hummus, along with an array of traditional options as well. Additionally, found on their website, Hope suggests several recipes that feature their hummus products. 

4. Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus

Identified by their trademarked, colorfully striped container, Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus not only offers traditional hummus like their competitors, but they also sell innovative hummus flavors made from beans other than chickpeas.

Their most popular types include edamame hummus with roasted red pepper, tuscan white bean with roasted pine nuts, zesty Sriracha carrot hummus, and their distinct cucumber hummus. Find the brand throughout stores in the US and Canada and online at several well known websites, such as FreshDirect

5. Roots Hummus

Starting in a storage room mini café in 2006, Matt Harris, founder of Roots Hummus, transformed his locally sold Asheville, NC hummus into a nationwide indulgence. Now, 10 years later, Roots offers 10 distinct flavors including classic hummus, mango Sriracha, hot chipotle, lima bean, and more.

Roots' mission statement is "to connect and heal people through the power of food," and with this guiding statement, the brand has created a non-profit organization, The Roots Foundation, which builds outdoor classrooms and gardens, aiming to enhance education. Find out how to donate and get involved here