In today's world, vegan chocolate is quite abundant as seen online, in grocery stores and even on Amazon. The caveat is this; companies left and right are branding similar claims, so it can be difficult to find a chocolate that melts in your mouth and gives a rich cocoa taste

One company, Hu Chocolate, checks all of those boxes: non dairy, non GMO, no added sugars, no emulsifiers and no sugar alcohols. They pride themselves on using real ingredients, which in turn gives their chocolate bold flavors and something that every vegan wants to chow down on. 

Cashew Butter + Raspberry Jelly

Hu Chocolate kicks it off with this seasonal favorite that combines raspberries, cashew butter, and dark chocolate all in one bar. The layering is magnificent and the raspberry jam coupled with the dark chocolate makes the flavors stand out from the crowd of other vegan chocolates. Hu offers other varieties of chocolate other than the raspberry, but this flavor is such a staple for Valentine's Day that you'll want to keep coming back even after the holiday passes.

Simple Dark Chocolate

The title says it all for this item. Reigning in as the all time favorite for Hu, this bar packs a punch with its bold cacao flavors and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Hu makes sure that the flavor of the dark chocolate isn't too bitter or sweet, but just the right amount for it to be tasty each time you take a bite into it. Many prefer to eat the bar chunk by chunk, but others prefer to incorporate it into baking desserts, like mug cakes, brownies, cookies and even pancakes. This is a necessity if you're cooking up something sweet for Valentine's Day.

Hazelnut Butter

One of my personal favorites from Hu is their Hazelnut Butter which mixes in the rich, nutty flavors of hazelnut and the sweetness of the dark chocolate. Most other bars tend to incorporate the whole hazelnut, while Hu ops for the nut butter knowing it will melt just like that in your mouth. This would be an amazing go-to for Valentine's Day if you're a huge fan of nut butter and dark chocolate. Another perk is that the layering has the perfect amount of each ingredient so that one does not overpower the other, but rather complements the whole bar.

Hu Chocolate does a fantastic job at keeping the flavors in the chocolate exciting, but also simplistic. The options are also nice because you can reach out to the bolder flavors or just go for the simpler flavors, like dark chocolate. If those vegan chocolates sound enticing, pick up a bar for yourself this Valentine's Day.