How often do you eat in a fancy restaurant or explore that bucket list place with your friend? Are you a person who loves to try out new eateries? Do you wish you could go out more often and have a great time with your peers? While all of this sounds perfecto, it can actually burn a big hole in your pocket or eat into all your student savings. So what can we do?

Here is when Zomato Gold swoops in to save the day! It is not only one of the top-rated food apps but has taken it one step further by establishing the Gold Scheme a.k.a the money-saver.

On a subscription amount of only Rs 1900 yearly, you can avail a 1+1 deal on food and drinks in a wide range of eateries! From extravagant restaurants to small clubs for beer pints, Gold has got you covered. The deal is clear and simple - for an order of two or more dishes at any of the places registered under the Gold scheme, the dish that costs the least is FREE! Yes, you heard it right, it's free! 

While this may seem like some sort of promotional propaganda, I assure you that my personal experience proves otherwise. Here is a list of the top 5 places that I visit frequently and have saved some serious cash.

1. Bercos

Aditya Rao

If you are a Chinese food lover and often prefer noodles over pasta, then Bercos is just the place for you. A fine dining place with dim lighting and a vibrant ambience, this place has the right aesthetics for a date night! 

My order: Rice and Noodles Shanghai Style : Rs 235 Manchurian Sauce : Rs 325

Cash Saved: Rs 235

2. Jamie's Pizzeria

Aditya Rao

All pizza lovers unite! Because the best pizza in town is here! I recently stumbled across this place and boy, is it a keeper!. With piping hot, wood-oven fired cheesy goodness, Jamie's Pizzeria tops my recommendation list. Moreover, Zomato Gold gives you 2 pizzas for the price of 1! I heart carbs.

My order: Margherita : Rs 359                                                      Chilli Freak : Rs 359

Cash Saved: Rs 359

3. Punter House

Aditya Rao

A bibliophile's paradise! Punter House offers a cosy environment for food and books. You can enjoy creamy nachos while reading Jane Austen or have chilly garlic noodles with Dan Brown. It also has another floor for parties where you can groove to DJ beats!

My order: Nachos: Rs 159                                                         Chilly garlic noodles: Rs 239

Cash Saved: Rs 159

4. Junkyard Cafe

When we talk about a unique setting with lavish dishes, Junkyard Cafe is one of the best places to be at! The scrumptious food with high-spirited staff, you save a decent amount here with the Gold deal.

My order: Fresh Fruit Pinacolada : Rs 575                              Floral Salvage Fluid : Rs 345

Cash Saved: Rs 345

5. Informal 

This is one of the prettiest restaurants in Central Delhi! Informal has some fancy Instagram spots and exquisite dishes. The Buffet it serves is very popular among youngsters and it attracts people from all age groups to delve into a great evening of music and food.

My order: Trio Paneer Tikka : Rs 345                                   Alfredo Pasta : Rs 342

Cash Saved: Rs 342

It has been almost 6 months since I have been using Gold and I have managed to save almost double the amount I paid for the subscription. No more regrets on an extra few calories and no more really broke days. Try Zomato Gold today!

Happy Eating!