Coffee is equivalent to oxygen for most college students. No matter what your major is, odds are you have a slight caffeine addiction. However, what you drink on the reg probably says more about you than you think.

Fine Arts


Photo by Spoon University

As a fine arts major, you most likely are familiar with different trends, including superfoods. You probably are ditching the coffee line altogether and grabbing a kombucha from your fridge. Kombucha is a trendy drink that has live bacteria in it (sounds gross, I know) that helps your digestive system and overall health. Additionally,  kombucha is antioxidant rich and helps to detox the body, boost your immune system and increase energy levels.



Photo by Morgan Nielsen

You’re simple and professional so it’s likely you take your coffee with milk and sugar. Why would you need anything else? You don’t like your coffee too bitter and you get the jolt of energy you need before that big marketing presentation or the three hour night class you have to sit through.



Photo by Kara Walsh

As an engineering student, you should appreciate the beauty of the espresso machine. Invented by Angelo Moriondo in Italy, a patent in 1884 created a “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.”

Natural Sciences


Photo courtesy of Cindy Taylor

Because you spend your energy studying nature and the human body, you are likely to be more health-conscious. Matcha has many health benefits (and is 137 times more powerful than regular brewed tea). Therefore, it could be the new caffeinated drink for you. Get your matcha fixin’ by ordering two scoops matcha powder in a venti cup of iced water.



Photo by Julia D’Agostino

Nothing like a cup of tea to sip on while you recline in a nice leather chair in the humanities building and read Hemingway or Whitman, am I right?

Computer Science


Photo by Asia Coladner

You should take your coffee black. You’re up all night coding and doing mathematical things that your brain is specifically programmed for, and nothing can get in the way of your coffee.

Global Studies/Foreign Relations


Photo courtesy of @NikArthur on Instagram

You’re finely attuned to other cultures around the world and therefore are probably more likely to try the new Starbucks blend from a different country. You don’t mind taking risks in ordering your coffee so why not try something new that helps you connect to people around the world?

Early Childhood Education


Photo by Jill Langin

Because you wanna be hip like the kids you student teach with, odds are you might be sipping on a frappucino when you walk into the classroom. You also a little kid on the inside and you’ll never outgrow your sweet tooth.

There are so many different ways to get your energy and a lot of it has to do with personality so keep on keeping on and do you. If you’re wondering when the best time to drink your coffee during the day is, we’ve got you covered here.