Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple days and it is time to prepare. How much do you really know about what we put on the table every year? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about this foodie holiday.



  1. Let's start off easy, which side dish was created by Campbell's soup?

  2. How many turkeys do Americans eat on Thanksgiving?

  3. What percent of pies will be pumpkin pies?

  4. How big was the heaviest turkey on record?

  5. ___ % of cranberries eaten all year are eaten on Thanksgiving

  6. Ok take another easy one, what is a popular topping for sweet potato casserole?

  7. Out of 10 households, how many will be eating turkey?

  8. Americans eat ___ million gallons of mashed potatoes. (This adds up to 2700 swimming pools)

  9. How many Americans actually stuff their turkey?