Cranberry sauce: the spam of the fruit world. You either love it or hate it. Regardless, this sweet classic should not be forgotten because — with the exception of haters — everyone loves it.

Generally people only eat this sweet sauce on Thanksgiving, but why only eat it on one day of the year? Keep reading to learn new uses for this old favorite.

Spread It On Bread (Or A Taco)


Photo by Rachel Weitzman

This one seems obvious once you think about it. Cranberry sauce can take the place of jelly or jam. Whether you have homemade sauce, or the gelatin canned version, just take a knife, bread or a bagel, and spread it on.

Add It To A Fruit Smoothie


Photo by Rachel Piorko

Maybe your post-Thanksgiving routine consists of trying to lose the pounds you put on. In this case, or if you simply love smoothies, try adding cranberry sauce. Your smoothie will have a berry sweet taste (ha, get it?). Try it like this.

Add It To Chicken, Tuna, Or Turkey Salad


Photo by Parisa Soraya

Most people know that adding apple pieces to chicken salad tastes great. Not many have tried adding cranberry sauce though. Of course, chunkier cranberry sauce works better for this, but it’s an awesome way to enhance any chicken, tuna, or turkey salad.

Freeze It And Eat It Later


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Tired of cranberry sauce? Don’t want to use it all up too soon. Okay, save some of this delicious nectar for later. Then, try out any of these other options.

Add It To BBQ Sauce


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Here is a nonconventional way to use cranberry sauce. Spice up a burger or meat or veggies with this new type of BBQ sauce. You can just add some to store bought BBQ sauce or make your own. You can find a recipe here. You’ll never want to make BBQ sauce the old way ever again.

Make Homemade Poptarts


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Cranberry sauce for lunch, cranberry sauce for dinner, you can even have cranberry sauce for breakfast with these poptarts. Instead of adding fruit, put cranberry sauce in the middle.

Add It To Yogurt


Photo by Anna Loh

Or, you can add some flavor to plain yogurt. Feeling creative, then instead make a cranberry yogurt parfait with this recipe.

Use It As A Sweet Syrup


Photo by Emma Danbury

This one is simple, just heat some up in the microwave or on the stove. Then use it as sauce for pouring over ice cream or brownies. It could work just as well poured over waffles or pancakes, too.

Put It On A Sandwich


Photo by Rachel Weitzman

Savory and sweet flavors do balance out. That’s why putting some cranberry sauce on a sandwich would align your tastebuds in perfection. Cranberry sauce goes especially well on grilled cheese. For more ways to amp up grilled cheese, check these out.