Out of the 32 teams in the NFL, it has come down to only 2: the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

That does indeed mean that, for the other 30 devoted fandoms, the favorite gridiron gang did not make it to the epic showdown that is the Super Bowl. However, allegiances aside, all football-lovers can revel in one of the nation’s best athletic events with the greatest part of sportive celebrations (apart from hosting the Lombardi trophy): the food.

With game day just around the corner, it means pulling out every last stop you have in terms of food fare. I’m talking going to the grocery store with your crew and buying more than a bag of Tostitos and pre-made guac’ (side note: make your own guac’ regardless. Always.). Bring your frat bros or teammates some cold beers and ask them to fire up the grill, because you mean business.

For many college students, the hardest part of throwing a Super Bowl party is figuring out how to make it more special than the usual burgers and dogs you make every game day. Never fear, friends. I have the solution right here.

Competitions always make college parties more fun. Our friends in Spoon over at Dartmouth even proved it so. So, embrace the teams playing this year and make two menus, each filled with easy-to-make items starring foods their regions are famous for. They are guaranteed to make everyone happy, even those still bitter about those nail-biting losses from early in the season. To add to the fun, have partygoers vote for their favorite menu of the evening and decide who will be crowned champion of Food Bowl I. Whether or not you’d like confetti rain is up to you.


New England

super bowl

Photo by Hannah Giardina

  • Johnny Cakes: Think of them as a New England cornmeal pancake. They can be made in large quantities and are certainly affordable on a college budget.
  • Baked Beans: A classic game day favorite. They tend to take a while to prepare, so if you’re short on time we suggest buying these from the store.
  • Mini Apple Crescent Bites: Delectable cocktail-sized dessert in one hand, a cold beer in the other. People will be calling you the MVP of the evening (sorry not sorry, Tom Brady).
super bowl

Photo by Hunter Siegrist



  • Kale Chips: Seattle is well known for its love of kale. Trying serving these instead of the run-of-the-mill potato chips for a change.
super bowl

Photo by Alex Tom

  • Apple Glazed Grilled Salmon: Apples are the state fruit of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest is famous for its salmon fishing. Grill this baby up and Seattle might just edge its competitor.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms: What do you call a mushroom at a frat party? A fun-gi! (That joke was bad. These sinfully delicious, cheesy stuffed mushrooms are not).
super bowl

Photo by Teodora Maftei


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