The one day of the year when you can literally wake up and start drinking right away without anyone judging you is right around the corner. Since we are lucky enough to live in the city with the second largest Mardi Gras, here are some tips so you survive (or try to) the day.

1. Eat a big breakfast

Mardi Gras

Photo by Tiare Brown

I know all you want to do is pull off your best Kendrick Lamar and wake up… drank, but you need to put some food in your stomach first. Make sure you and all your friends are well fed by making this bacon, sausage and tater tot breakfast bake.

If you are not a morning person and prefer to sleep a little longer, try this power breakfast. Being a freshman is not an excuse to skip breakfast so try one of these breakfasts to make in a dorm room and thank spoon later. Or if you just hate all my suggestions there’s always kegs and eggs.

2. Drink Water

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You’ve heard this over and over again, but hydration is key to survive Mardi Gras and the day after. Before heading out and chugging that last beer, make sure you get some H20.

3. Make a killer Hurricane

Mardi Gras

Photo by Abigail Wilkins

Well this might not help you survive the day and it might actually get you pretty drunk, but it is a must. You can either wait to go to Soulard and buy a very expensive one or you can make your own New Orleans style Hurricane. 

4. Go to the bars

Mardi Gras

Photo by Carla Velarde

Saint Louis weather is unpredictable, but odds are that it will be cold. Don’t let the frigid weather ruin the day and head to the bars. Here is a list of bars and restaurants around Soulard, so choose your favorite, but be careful with the covers cause they can get pricy.

5. Eat some King cake

LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER! Now through Mardi Gras at all Strange Dones!!!!

A photo posted by Strange Donuts (@strangedonuts) on Jan 29, 2016 at 6:46am PST

Is it even Mardi Gras without some purple and green? You drank, you danced, parade is over and you can tell you are gonna be hungover later. Perfect excuse to eat some cake, so check out some local bakeries that make it just for the occasion.

6. Take a nap and rally

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So you’ve been drinking since 7am and are tired and probably hungover, but your friends still want to go out. Listen to your friends, you have the entire sunday to be hungover, but mardi gras is only once a year.

When you are having mardi gras withdrawals on monday, just remember tuesday is fat tuesday.