You know who you are: the big mugged, dark roast sort of person who graduated from the Starbucks mocha frapp in 6th grade. You’re the person who laughs when your friend offers you a diet coke (don’t get me wrong, we love diet coke at Emory) for a caffeine dosage, and frequently asks for an extra espresso shot in your latte even though your Dooley dollars are slipping away.

Yes—this is a caffeine addiction intervention. But not the type where you’ll find yourself in an AA-style meeting. This intervention is about dealing with the annoying burden of needing three cups of coffee to get through one day.

1. Own a Keurig

coffee, tea, espresso, beans
Drew Stafford

The biggest rookie mistake you can make is not owning a Keurig. How else would you get to any early class if you had to leave time to buy yourself a coffee? But be careful when you’re buying the coffee pods—true coffee addicts don’t mess around with the light roast. 

2. Know the Best Coffee On Campus

tea, beer, coffee
Drew Stafford

You need a coffee spot at every geographical location on campus so you can stay awake in between classes. Any class near Goizueta must be followed by a stop at Highland, or if you’re anywhere near the DUC, a Kaldi’s iced coffee is calling your name.

If you’re in the library, whether for one hour or five, chances are you’ll need a caffeine boost. In that case, Pete’s is the best option. Get their iced latte—you won’t regret it.

Take advantage of your Tuesday walks to class and celebrate Blue Donkey day. Even though their iced coffee is really just a milk shake, it's absolutely delicious, so during the hours of 11am-3pm you can pretend like you’re not an absolute coffee snob.

3. Don’t Be Picky

coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, milk
Drew Stafford

You’re in college with a social life and lots of assignments so chances are you probably aren’t getting the sufficient 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Morning coffees are your saviors, so pickiness won’t cut it here.

If for some reason you find yourself eating in the DUC the morning after you spent all night in the library, take advantage of their free coffee, even if it tastes like the instant coffee they served at your summer camp.

So, sport to-go cups around campus and keep the closest bathrooms in mind because your coffee addiction is totally under control. It sucks, but us coffee connoisseurs are as strong as what’s in our mugs.