I’ve been scared from stories of wisdom teeth extraction all my life. However, I never really gave this procedure much thought. Neither did I understand the struggle people who endured this surgery had, until I got all four wisdom teeth removed at once.

After this painful, yet educational experience, I started to truly appreciate the ability to feel the crunchiness of chips and the juiciness of a medium-rare steak. As I took my pain killers and put ice bags on my swollen cheeks, I learned which foods I should eat to maintain a flavourful life even with a sore mouth. I decided to break up my diet into days to show you what food to eat after wisdom teeth extraction.

Day 1 - Eating Anything is a Torture

Yogurt - Your New Bestie  

Carlie Tigley

Yogurt will become one of your best friends, as you can easily swallow it without chewing. In addition, cold yogurt will give a cooling, relaxing sensation to your sore mouth.

Miso Soup - A True Blessing

soup, miso soup, broth, vegetable
Judy Holtz

Warm miso soup is another amazing option to consider on the first day after the surgery. I found it perfect, as it does not contain any hard food products and mainly consists of the broth.

Mashed Potatoes - Will Stop You From Starving                  Mashed potatoes mixed with milk are very filling, soft, and warm. If you are hungry, that’s a great food option.       

Day 2 - At Least I Have Front Teeth

Blended Berries - Your Source of Vitamin

Carlie Tigley

Blending blueberries was an amazing idea. I did not only get all the vitamins in these blue globes, but also really enjoyed their soft texture.

Diced Peaches - Totally Worth Trying

Carlie Tigley

Diced peaches that I bought at Walmart for $2.97 were worth every penny. They were juicy, sweet, and very flavourful. I could also chew easily into  this soft fruit with my front teeth.

Herbal Tomato Sauce - Man, I miss my salads                 

Athena Huynh

I made a herbal tomato sauce and ate it like a salad. It was perfect and went really well with the mashed potatoes.                                

Day 3 - Give Me Normal Food Back 

Blended Chicken - Avoid at All Cost

chicken, pork, barbecue, meat
Christin Urso

If you want to hate yourself for the rest of the day, blend chicken. I learned that blending chicken is a terrible idea, as the meat completely loses all its flavour and texture and you would not enjoy putting it in your mouth. Instead, try cutting it into very small pieces and slowly chew it with your front teeth. Believe me that extra bit of effort will make your life much more flavourful.

Sardines - Not as Fishy As it Sounds

sardine, fish, seafood, lemon, anchovy
Elizabeth Vana

Buying sardines for $1.29 at Walmart was an excellent idea. After opening the container, I broke them into very small pieces with a fork and could easily swallow them without chewing. I also complemented the sardines with the soft bread crumb, which in small pieces can easily be broken down by the front teeth.

A wisdom teeth extraction is not the most pleasurable experience you will have in your life. However, you will survive it, especially now that you have these food options to prevent you from starving.