Being gluten-free can make eating outside of your normal routine challenging. To add to that, having an allergy at college can be even harder - but you aren't alone! In the short few months I’ve been at Bucknell, I’ve definitely started to get the hang of how to make the best of the food options I've been presented with. Here are some tips for finding delicious (and safe) meals from Bostwick Market!

1. Check Out the Gluten Free Station

This first tip might seem pretty obvious, but incase you didn't know, there is an entire refrigerator dedicated to individuals with gluten sensitivity. In it, you will find staples such as gluten free bread, bagels, waffle batter, and some tasty desserts that change daily. Additionally, look out for the different cereal options next to the refrigerator, as well as the glass jars full of gluten free crackers and pretzels that can be a great grab-and-go snack or addition to any meal!

2. Take Bread From the Gluten Free Fridge to the Deli Station

You don't have to miss out on the deli station because of a gluten allergy. There is a wide variety of meats and toppings to make a great sandwich that are suitable for both lunch or dinner! To do so, take some bread from the gluten free fridge and bring it to the deli station. From there, any staff member that is working is happy to make a sandwich for you. To be extra safe incase of a serious allergy, the staff behind the counter sometimes offer to change their gloves to a fresh pair to avoid any type of contamination.

3. Try Out the Egg Bar

Sometimes being gluten free means it’s harder to find a easy on-the-go breakfast option when everyone else is grabbing bagels and pancakes that are already pre-made. But, the egg station is a great place to go when you want a quick, but healthy, breakfast! The eggs at the egg bar can be made in any style and there are a variety of vegetables available to add in. Even better, the eggs are ready in just minutes and at any time of the day!

4. Check out the Vegan Station

Even if you aren’t vegan, this station is filled with great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Though not always, the food offered here is usually gluten free. From waffles and quinoa porridge at breakfast, to rice bowls and soups for dinner, don't sleep on the vegan station - even if you are gluten sensitive.

5.  Make Sure to Always Read the Labels

Everything that is served in the cafeteria is labeled with various allergy icons. If food is safe for gluten sensitive eaters, it will be indicated on the sign with a brown circle and white “GF” letters. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether or not you can eat something if you have a gluten allergy! It is easy and simple to read the allergy icons than to simply assume something is maybe gluten free... better safe than sorry!

6. Check Out the Entree of the Day

Often times, the entree of the day is something focused around a grain, vegetable, and a protein. Checking out the entree of the day is a great way to expand what you'd normally eat in the cafeteria. But, don't forget that grilled chicken is always available, which can be a great way to add protein to salads, too! The rest of the "entree of the day" station is mostly safe for a lot of allergies because it contains relatively simple foods like steamed veggies and rice. Rice is a great option for gluten sensitive eaters because it is a naturally gluten free grain and a healthy carb to help add substance to your meals.

7. When in Doubt, Ask!

If you are unsure whether or not something is safe for you to eat, you can ask any of the staff and they would be happy to help you figure it out and are very accommodating! For example, they are often able to make gluten free pizza and pasta upon request, just be prepared to wait a little bit longer for your food in that case.