So your life has been derailed because of a microscopic virus. You can't graduate in the traditional way, you can't finish your delightful semester abroad, you're stuck at home with your parents who spray you with sanitizer every couple of minutes, and you're just about ready to lose your mind. Breathe. Seriously, breathe. Although hard to believe, it is possible to stay sane throughout this crazy time and live a modified normal life. 

It is NOT just you

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Denise Uy

First things first, let us remind ourselves that the entire WORLD is going through this—not just you. I know social distancing can feel incredibly isolating, but we live in an age where we can practice social distancing while still staying in contact with our loved ones. Just imagine what this would be like without technology, FaceTime, or instant messaging! Take this time to reach out to people you haven't spoken to in a while. Chances are, a text from you would make their mundane day in quarantine so much better.

Find New Hobbies

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Julia Gilman

Instead of focusing on all the things we can no longer do, we should focus on all the cool opportunities we now have. How many times have you wished for an entire day to watch all of your favorite shows? You can do that now. How many times have you said that you would read if you just had a little more time? You should do that now. How many times have you said that you wished you cooked more instead of eating out? That is pretty much your only option now. How many times have you wanted to start a new hobby like painting or knitting? This is your chance.

Yes, gyms have been closed. I know you're bitter because your local yoga studio is freezing your membership and all your favorite studios are closed. In all seriousness, that doesn't mean we can't still be active. Take this time to do yoga in your backyard, go on long walks, and do an entire full-body workout without weights on your bedroom floor. The government can't shut down the outdoors, so make use of all of nature's gifts. 

Get Creative in The Kitchen

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Alex Frank

Eating due to boredom is something most people struggle with at some point. However, there is a way to reframe this at a time like now. We can start to look at it as an opportunity to take control of our health and become better at cooking. Use this time to change your lifestyle from eating out all the time and start to come up with new home-cooked recipes. This way, when all the madness ends, which it eventually has to, you can incorporate cooking into your daily life more. 

Center Yourself

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Kate Zizmor

With all the mass hysteria all over social media, it can be really hard to find your zen. I have had several moments already when my anxiety over this pandemic has crippled me. However, we must find ways to center ourselves. It can be a morning walk to relieve all of the thoughts that came into your head upon waking up or writing down three things to be grateful for every day. Look for positives in this situation and protect the people you love. Keep yourself busy at home with new hobbies, new recipes, and self-care. Start meditating like you always said you wanted to. 

In this time of social, political, and civil unrest, we can still take control of our lives. Use this time to develop new habits and lifestyles that make you feel good and if at all possible, take your eyes off the news for a couple minutes—it will always be there waiting for you. You cannot control this virus or the government rules being enacted. However, you can choose to disconnect from the mass hysteria and panic. You can choose to spend time with your family and practice self-care. You can choose to not completely derail your life and stay sane.