As Americans discover the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean restaurants have become a dime a dozen. Though many Italian and Greek people are in the restaurant business, some have diluted their menus to appease American palates, so here’s how to be in the know.

1. At the get-go


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If the outside glistens with sleek, commercialized modernity, don’t bother walking in.

2. Staff


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If the hostess, waiters, and little children running around the restaurant don’t look like they are all related to each other, you won’t find home cooking here.

3. Smell


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If you aren’t immediately slapped in the face with aroma of lemon and garlic, then nah.

4. Menu


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If “calamari” and “fra diavolo” are the most difficult things to pronounce on the menu, it ain’t worth staying.

5. The regulars


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If there aren’t old men laughing loudly and sitting around for what seems like hours, making you wonder what else they are doing with their lives, this place isn’t good enough for natives. Red flag.

6. The “claim-to-fame”


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If the menu claims burgers or tacos are their specialty, instead of pizza or gyro, run the other way. Now.

7. Family recipes


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If there is nothing on the menu from “Nona’s” or “Yiayia’s” recipes, then no, oxi, bye-bye.

8. Decor


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If the walls aren’t covered with garish murals of Mediterranean sunsets, giant flags, or huge paintings of people in togas, you are being fooled.

9. Pasta


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Not home-made? Don’t waste your time.

10. Dinner menu


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If it doesn’t offer octopus, whole fish, or lamb, don’t bother.

11. Plates


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If most customers are not eating dinner family-style (ordering many small dishes to share), this ain’t the real deal.

So grab your friends and family, smash some plates, pour some wine, and stuff yourself with Mediterranean goodness. OPA!

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