Free food?  Obviously, I'm in. In fact, I don't know one college student who would turn down such an offer. Blue Hens, let me tell you, you're in luck. The UD campus thankfully has quite the smorgasbord when it comes to free food. Here's what you need to know to eat like a king, with no strings attached.

1. Use the activities page

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Madison Newman

First of all, you have to be keen and knowledgable of all events happening on campus. This takes some practice, but like any good sleuth, there are ways to figure these out. Off the bat, I highly recommend checking out UD's activity page, as often as possible.

Once you login with your student username and password, click on the events drop-down tab. This will show all of the cool happenings around campus coming up during the week. Student Central has informed me of chocolate fairs, candy giveaways, and even free UDairy. What more could a broke college student want?

2. Follow SCPAB on all social media platforms

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Madison Newman

Next, become friends with SCPAB, both in person and on social media apps. SCPAB stands for the Student Centers Programming Advisory Board and is the student-run programming board for the University of Delaware.

Follow their accounts on Snapchat (scpabud), Instagram (@scpabud), and check our their Facebook feed. SCPAB hosts a lot of events (particularly on Friday afternoons) that include food. In the past, I have decorated cookies and I have made my own cocktail concoctions. 

3. Attend Perkins Live! with your friends

Madison Newman

Most importantly, attend Perkins Live! activity nights. If you're looking for some really good free food, this is the place to be. Every Friday night, Perkins hosts an activity night that often includes a game show, headline show, free food (always guaranteed), and a novelty item giveaway. What could be better than free food and a free souvenir?

Some nights feature doughnuts and a hot chocolate bar. Other nights include ice cream sundae making. If you are really lucky, you might even get a night of caramel apples and tons of toppings. I swear, adding some Oreos and nuts on those is life changing. One time, my roommate and I won free trays of hoagies, so Perkins is where it's at.

4. Take advantage of events in your dorm

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Finally, if you live in a dorm, take advantage of SIF and floor bonding opportunities. An SIF is when the dorm sponsors a student-run activity and provides you with money to host the event. The section I lived in on my floor last year hosted a Newark Deli and Bagel  study break one morning, and I got a delicious tie-dyed breakfast out of it. 

As a UD student, it's your job to look out for free food. Keep your eyes peeled, apps open, and stomachs hungry. It's always a good day to be a blue hen.