Wine lovers around the world are seemingly in constant debate. Red or white? Dry or sweet? Does wine expire? And how do you pronounce "pinot noir" anyway? While some people might say "pee-no-noo-are" or even "pee-not-noh-are," it is time to put rest to this debate. No matter where you're from, you definitely shouldn't pronounce the t in pinot. Though that silent t might seem daunting, it shouldn't steer you away from ordering this wine to pair with your dinner.

After spending a semester in France earlier this year, I can confidently say that I crossed many different wines off my bucket list. I even got to take a wine marketing class, and pinot noir was at the top of my favorites list. Now, if I can order French wine at a French bar, it should be easy peasy in the US, right? That being said, here is how you should pronounce "pinot noir" like you know what you're talking about. 

What is Pinot Noir?

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Caroline Ingalls

Before we start to break down the pronunciation of this red wine, let's get down to the basics. Pinot noir is actually one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. Due to its worldwide popularity, pinot noir is typically priced higher than other red wines, like cabernet sauvignon or merlot. That'll just make you sound even more boujee when you order it for dinner. 

France, Germany, and the good ole' USA are three of the biggest contributors for the world pinot noir production. As if we weren't already confused, these countries, and different regions, all pronounce the term differently (lucky us, right?!). But how should you pronounce "pinot noir?"

What Other People Are Saying

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Caroline Ingalls

Because France's Burgundy region produces a huge supply of pinot noir, you might hear it called "red Burgundy." In reality, the two terms overlap and can be used interchangeably. Let me know if you master that French accent, though, because I've been working on it for years

If you find yourself in Germany, you might ask your waiter for "Spätburgunder" (good luck pronouncing that one, you're on your own). The rest of the world, however, might say "pee-no-noo-are," "pee-not-noh-are, "pee-no nwär" or some strange combination of the three. For now, let's just stick to how we pronounce "pinot noir" in America.

So, Who's Correct?

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It turns out that if you really want to sound like you know what you're talking about, you should pronounce "pinot noir" like "pee-no nwär." Never should you ever say "peanut new-are" or anything remotely close to that. Even though the French accent puts more emphasis on the ot sounding like our long "oo" sound, and Americans tend to drag out that hard "o," people worldwide will understand you if you say "pee-no nwär."

Now, the next time you're treating yo' self with a little wine time, don't hesitate to pronounce "pinot noir" like a pro. You'll sound super boujee and sophisticated, and your tastebuds will surely thank you. Pair this wine with earthy flavors like fish, mushrooms, potatoes, or roasted veggies, and you'll be ready to go.