"Gu-i-er," "Jriré," "Guy-er,"... yeah, I don't know how to pronounce Gruyère  but it was worth a shot. We all have those words we can't pronounce, like Massachusetts, quinoa, and the lesser used Gruyère cheese. But no matter how hard we try, it won't happen unless we get some assistance. So, before I explain how to pronounce Gruyère, you should know a little bit about the cheese.

What Is Gruyère?

Gruyère cheese is a hard cheese that originated in Switzerland. It's made from cow milk and usually is typically cured for six months or longer. Something pretty cool about Gruyère is that you can eat it even if you're lactose intolerant Gruyère, pronounced "groo-yair," is a delicious cheese that goes great with a side of grapes, wine, or on a sandwich. While it might be easy to eat, it's not so easy to pronounce Gruyère.

Ways to Eat Gruyère

The best part of Gruyère cheese is its versatility. Like many kinds of cheese, you can pair Gruyère with crackers and bread, but it's also great to use with soups (like onion soup), pasta like penne bolognese, salads, grilled cheese, and gourmet pizza with sliced chicken on top. Gruyère is also the perfect cheese to pair assorted meats on a cheese board or melted into a cheese fondue. The best part of being able to pronounce Gruyère cheese correctly is the ability to sound smart and fancy when shopping for it at the grocery store. 

Gruyère cheese is a delicious, hard to pronounce, versatile cheese that you should definitely put on your grocery list the next time you are trying to treat yourself or some friends. There are so many great foods you can make with it, so maybe next time you and your friends are shopping for the perfect meal you can pick up that cheese we can't pronounce and whip up something tasty. Before you shop, make sure you practice pronouncing it. Remember: it's "groo-yair." 

And don't worry, you're not alone if you've been mispronouncing it this whole time!