We all have those guilty pleasure shows, the ones you binge-watch when no one’s around. Sometimes that kind of binge-worthy content is all on one channel, and that channel is HGTV. Program after program of regular people just trying to live happily ever after in their dream homes, whether it be through renovation or a shiny new purchase, viewers of HGTV can attest to stories of triumph and tragedy. And with the kind of emotional real-estate roller coaster that is HGTV, you need solid wine pairings to get you through the evening. These 5 different wines will pair perfectly with your favorite episodes of these shows.


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1. Love it or List It and White Zinfandel


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This show is known for its bite, wit, and argumentative realtor David and interior designer Hilary. These two are constantly making jests at each other allowing for deliciously awkward encounters. For this kind of sass you really need a sweet wine like White Zinfandel.

This pink and fruity flavored wine is often criticized for its sweetness and seemingly child-like taste, but it’s perfect for those combative cast members. While they’re spitting insults at each other and competing for the homeowners’ affections you can sip on this “beginner” light wine and enjoy the sweeter moments in the show when realtor and designer change ordinary lives.

2. House Hunters International and Cabernet Sauvignon


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This complex and richly flavored red wine pairs perfectly with this international version of the already beloved House Hunters. This show features future homeowners looking for adventure in new places across the globe. They get to explore three different house options to pick which one will complement their new passport-stamped lives.

What complements perfectly with international culture and hefty decision making—this oak-y red wine with tastes of black currant and sometimes grape or blackberry. This hearty wine will leave a delicious taste on your tongue and a lot of strong opinions about which house is perfect for these complete strangers.

3. Property Brothers and Chardonnay


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Jonathan and Drew Scott are twin brothers who are hotter than beach sand and will leave your eyes and hearts burning with happiness and unshed tears. These brothers, help couples find and transform fixer-uppers with their help and expertise. The new homeowners usually are buying on a budget and taking risks and what better wine pairing than the inexpensive, yet bold Chardonnay.

This crisp white wine is perfect for this encouraging and daring pair of brothers who set out to make potential homes, palaces in their own right. This popular wine that can be both sweet and sour is the perfect flavor to help you fight back tears with the emotional end reveals in this show. Keep your eyes clear of tears with this typically dry wine.

4. Flip or Flop and Pinot Noir


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This high-stakes renovation show is one that keeps you on your toes from the first moment to the conclusion. Couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa are ex-real estate agents who now buy dilapidated foreclosures to renovate and hopefully sell. As they constantly face the ups and scary downs of renovation you’re definitely going to need a wine that will keep you mellow with its light aromatic flavors.

Pinot Noir is good for those beginning red wine drinkers with its light flavors that lack the strong tannins of typical red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon. With earthy flavors of oak vanilla, leather, and some light sweetness courtesy of fruity jams you’ll be able to survive the emotional roller coaster of whether these risk-takers will flip a home successfully or flop miserably.

5. Tiny House Hunters and Merlot


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This new trend in the real-estate market is one that a lot of young people are jumping on. It’s a way to live simply and bring your life back to the important tidbits by living in an extremely downsized home. What better way to celebrate this trendy new house option than with a classic wine, like Merlot, that has just recently been restored to popular status.

This oak-y red wine with flavors of black cherry and plum will help you digest the idea of living in small spaces and have you rooting for the (literally) tiny underdogs. When perspective homeowners step into these small spaces and proclaim just how tiny this tiny house is, you’ll be able to nod and agree while sipping on your complex wine, dreaming of these simpler spaces.