Silver Spring, Maryland is located on the Red Line of the DC Metro and offers a wide variety of entertainment, such as live concerts, shopping, and two movie theaters. However, it is also chock full of my own personal favorite form of entertainment... food. I've been on the Silver Spring food scene for around fifteen years and continue to frequent it, a perk of being a commuter (as you may recall). There are an overwhelming number of restaurants around every corner of every possible type. You in the mood for burgers? We got it. Sushi? Yep. Arepas? Hell yes.

Unfortunately, I can only recommend so many restaurants. So, here are my top three.

3. Tastee Diner   

Often referred to simply as 'the diner,' the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring is one of a few locations around the DMV. They offer full diner essentials AND 24-hour service. Inside you'll find classic booths and tables with all-day breakfast along with staples such as burgers, meatloaf, and chicken tenders. Personally, I could eat breakfast for every meal, so this is one of my favorite places to go after a concert at the Fillmore or a movie.

2. NaiNai's Noodle and Dumpling Bar

wine, beans, pizza, beer, tea, coffee
Caroline Shagnea

Located only about a block away from the Metro station, NaiNai's offers items from dumplings to bao to small plates, even a beer, wine, and sake selection. The cashier was lovely and helped us navigate the menu.

pork, rice, chicken, sushi, tacos
Caroline Shagnea

My friend and I decided to split a dumpling platter and four bao, topped off with Taiwanese root beer. Everything was delicious, but my favorite dumpling was definitely the Year of the Ox, which has beef, celery, and red onions (not to mention that it's fried). The Ni Hao Bao (duck, daikon, carrot slaw) was a perfect mix of sweet and savory. 

While we were eating, at least three people texted me asking what the restaurant on my Snapchat story was. 

The aftermath:

soup, tea
Caroline Shagnea

The word 'leftovers' isn't in our vocabulary, no sir.

1. The 4 Corners Pub

coffee, tea, beer
Caroline Shagnea

If you've got some time, this neighborhood pub is only a $10 Uber or a Z8 bus ride (Colesville Rd + University Blvd stop) away from the Metro. It's in the Woodmoor area of Four Corners, Silver Spring, otherwise known as where I grew up.

I have some vague childhood memories of The Corner Pub before they reopened, but my family started going here regularly a few years ago. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is relaxed, mainly because of the friendly staff and solid music selection. There's a sports bar on one side and a seated dining area on the other, but no worries, both sides serve draft beer!

I've tried most of the menu at this point, and I normally get the half sandwich, half salad or the cup of cream of crab soup, which is a Marylander's dream. They offer a wide spread of American classics, some with a twist (like Old Bay and Lime wings). Last weekend, my sister and I went for the specials, pictured below:

Caroline Shagnea

Along with their huge variety of specials, they also serve BBQ pork on the weekends! That day they had a Chicken Marsala Burger (chicken sausage patty, Swiss, mushrooms, Marsala sauce) on a bun from the local bakery. And, of course, Old Bay fries. The pork ribs tasted exactly how they looked, which is to say, incredible. 

For your reference: 

Mondays - Burgers 40% off

Tuesdays, Thursdays - Half price pizza (on first pizza that you order)

Trivia night on Wednesdays!