Pizza Hut never lets us down on those late night pizza cravings, drunk munchies, and lazy food delivery nights. Their wide variety of food options ranges from delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches, wings, and more. Everyone enjoys this popular chain restaurant, so we thought it would be beneficial if we compiled a list of Pizza Hut’s greatest and least calorie options in every category. Reminder that each of these calorie counts are based off of Pizza Hut’s Nutrition Guide.

Pizza Hut

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The first obvious Pizza Hut menu item is pizza. Pizza Hut offers many different crust options ranging from Original Pan, Hand Tossed, Thim N’ Crispy, Gluten Free, and Stuffed Crust. Each of these options are extra delicious and add to your pizza of choice, so pick based on your preference. Each of these calorie counts are based on a single slice of a small pizza.

Original Pan

Pizza Hut

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The original pan pizza is a Pizza Hut classic. The crust alone for this type of pizza is 90 calories, so the toppings are an added bonus. The vegetables in the Garden Pizza only add around 40 calories, however, all of the meat from the Meat Lover’s adds a whopping 90 calories to each slice.

Premium Garden Veggie – 130 calories

Bacon Spinach Alfredo – 150 calories

Meat Lover’s – 180 calories

Hand Tossed

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The crust for the Hand Tossed Pizza is 70 calories for a single small slice. Many of the topping options for this crust selection total around 120 calories, including Buffalo Chicken, Veggie Lover’s, Five Pepper Pepperoni, Hawaiian Chicken, and Premium Garden Veggie.

Buffalo Chicken – 120 calories

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger – 150 calories

Primo Meats – 170 calories

Thin N’ Crispy

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The calorie counts for the Thin N’ Crispy crust option make it by far the healthiest. The crust alone is only 60 calories, so load up on all of your favorite toppings with this pizza base.

Veggie Lover’s – 100 calories

Cheese – 110 calories

Meat Lover’s – 160 calories

Gluten Free

Pizza Hut

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No need to fear all of the gluten free readers. Pizza Hut as a pizza selection made specifically for your dietary needs. With a variety of toppings to choose from, there are a range of gluten free options to satisfy everyone’s pizza craving.

Veggie Lover’s – 100 calories

Meat Lover’s – 160 calories

Stuffed Crust

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Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust is addicting, but be aware of the added calories this crust option brings to your meal. This base also only comes in a large pizza, so just a reminder that each calorie count below is based on a large slice of pizza rather than small like the above counts.

Chicken Supreme – 310 calories

Fiesta Taco (Beef) – 380 calories

Super Supreme – 420 calories


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Pizza Hut offers more than just pizza at this fast food chain. Nothing accompanies pizza better than pasta, so enjoy some of Pizza Hut’s delicious pasta options. Some of their pastas go to the extreme with the meats, creamy sauces, and add ons, so be careful when choosing your pasta of choice. Each calorie count includes garlic bread, which is essential while enjoying this saucy meal.

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce – 670 calories

Creamy Chicken Alfredo – 1,020 calories

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Meatballs, and Mushrooms – 1,360 calories


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Pizza Hut’s sandwiches are mouthwatering. Served with Straight-Cut Fries makes this choice up there in the calorie rankings…but completely worth it if you’re craving something hefty.

Roasted Turkey and Provolone Sandwich – 1,160 calories

Black Forest Ham and Cheese Sandwich – 1,170 calories

WingStreet Honey BBQ with Bacon Sandwich – 1,890 calories

Wingstreet Wings

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Nothing is better to start a meal than with a box of delicious wings. Pizza Hut offers a variety of styles that cater toward everyone’s appetizer preferences. Multiple wing flavors are only 80 calories, however, their Garlic Parmesan has the most calories on the menu. Reminder that each calorie count is based on an individual wing.

Naked, Cajun Rub, and Ranch Rub – 80 calories

Spicy Garlic and Honey BBQ – 120 calories

Garlic Parmesan – 140 calories


Pizza Hut

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Accompany your order with some of their decadent sides. Pizza Hut offers a variety of options, ranging from mozzarella sticks, bread sticks, chicken tenders, and even more. The options are endless. We ranked the calories of some of your favorites to make this nutrition guide most effective.

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Stick (each) – 120 calories

Breadsticks with Cheese (each) – 170 calories

Garlic Bread with Cheese (1 piece) – 210 calories

Spinach Dip with Chips – 850 calories


Pizza Hut

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Nothing is more satisfying than a warm soup. Although Pizza Hut doesn’t have the largest soup menu, we chose the bowls with the lowest and highest calorie counts on the Pizza Hut menu to add to this guide.

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup – 390 calories

Loaded Baked Potato Soup – 600 calories


Pizza Hut

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Looking for a healthier Pizza Hut alternative? Try one of their salads offered with a variety of dressing choices. Don’t let the leafy greens fool you, however, because some of the salads have far more calories than the classic pizza and pasta options.

The calorie counts are recorded for some of the lowest and highest calorie salads. Warning, the unhealthiest salad option has an overall count of 1,520 because of the crispy chicken and creamy dressing.

Garden Salad (without dressing) – 60 calories

Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon – 970 calories

WingStreet Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon – 1,520 calories


Pizza Hut

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Nothing beats finishing off a delicious meal with dessert. Pizza Hut offers dessert options range from cinnamon sticks, brownies, cookies, and cheesecake. The calorie count for this portion of the meal varies by the serving size of each dessert choice. We found the counts of a variety of desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Cinnamon Sticks (two small pieces) – 160 calories

Hershey’s Toasted S’Mores Cookie (1 slice) – 240 calories

Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie (1 square) – 290 calories

Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce Cup – 350 calories

New York Style Cheesecake with Cherry Sauce (one slice) – 970 calories