April Showers bring May flowers. For the city of Indio, California, April rain or shine brings music festival-goers all over the country for three consecutive weekends. Experiencing the Coachella music festival is on the bucket list of almost every millennial. Camping with besties, jamming out to favorite bands, strutting bohemian desert garb, possibly running into celebrities. Why wait until the school year ends to be sent to camp? Where do I sign up?

Sadly, the idea of going to at least one weekend of Coachella is out of the question for many; including me. It is either too expensive, passes sold out, term papers are nearing due, or Mom and Dad said no. Worst of all, your Instagram feed is nothing but Coachella pictures. All you can feel is jealousy. Especially over the foodporn.

Food is the best part of any event. Ever since Paul McCartney performed at Coachella, I have experienced these feelings. Then I thought, “why not make food that is inspired by what I am envying?” Making Coachella-inspired food is cheaper, more tailored to your liking, and you will not disappoint your parents. Let out your inner master chef, and whip up the mesmerizing foodporn in your Instagram feed.

French Fries


Photo courtesy of forktobelly.com

Step aside ketchup. You are just too basic for French fries. Californians may be notorious for being health obsessed, but they take their French fries seriously. You are not considered a true Californian unless you had Animal Style Fries at least once.

The French fries at Coachella give the animal fries a run for its money. The toppings turn America’s favorite side dish into a full blown entree with protein packed toppings like eggs, cheese, crab, pulled pork, and bacon. Once you know how to make your own French fries, you have the full creative autonomy to dress your French fries as you please. Use your favorite ingredients to make your own absurd French fry creations.



Photo by Sandra Buechler

Sandwiches satisfy the need for an easy meal for carnivores or herbivores, those seeking warmth or a cool down, grownups or kids, gluten free or gluten dependent. Coachella has many unthinkable sandwich combinations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Sorry for the cheesy pun, but the mozzarella stick grilled cheese will make any cheese fanatic grin. Any of your favorite foods are sandwichfied at Coachella. If you are stuck on campus during any of the Coachella weekends, you can rock your sandwich game in the dining hall. You can avoid the dining hall crowds and make a hearty sandwich in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need is your favorite foods and some “bread.” Use your free hand to post your Insta-worthy sandwich.

Asian Cuisine


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

If you think that eating Asian cuisine at a music festival makes you cultured, you definitely need to rethink that. Coachella has more than the standard takeout options; the specialty food trucks serve gourmet ramen, Asian style barbecue, and authentic kimchi.

Sadly, the reason why these Asian specialties are sold at Coachella is in the  name of trendiness. Learn about Asian heritage and keep your stupid questions to yourself. Have an open mind towards understanding superstitions. Read blogs that provide firsthand family recipes and cultural experiences.

Embrace the fun and aromas of making authentic kimchi, dumplings, and ramen. When making your own Asian cuisine, please do not be offensive; avoid Americanized traps. Treat it with the same you respect you treat your cultures’ food.

Mexican Food


Photo courtesy of furtherfood.com

Imagine the hardest decision of your life being which of the famous Mexican food trucks of SoCal to hit up. So many choices, so little time; nine days at the very most. Not everyone is lucky enough to have $1,125 for tickets PLUS concession stand money for nine days of Coachella.

If you have to experience zero days of Coachella because you spent your money on textbooks, you can put your textbooks to even better use and whip up homemade tortillas. Then make some loaded nachos or tacos, and top it off with homemade salsa and fresh guacamole. Now the hardest decision will be which unique dish to make when the urge hits.



Photo by Jasmine Tang

A recent survey shows that 15 percent of Americans find pizza to be their favorite comfort food. If foodie ventures are not your thing, you will be happy to know that your favorite food standby is available at Coachella. Not just measly little double sliced pizzas you can eat in one bite, I am talking about slices the size of a full grown adult’s head. What can top that? Well, pizza toppings…duh.

Or better yet, if you are missing out on Coachella, you can have your own unique pizza. Delivery may sound tempting because you do not have to work for it, but making your own pizza sounds way more rewarding. You get to do the cool dough throwing trick that you see at every pizza restaurant. Best of all, you get full control on the type of toppings and how much to put on.

Water and Water Fortified Foods


Gif courtesy of giphy.com

When dehydrated from mosh pits and desert heat, it is important to stay hydrated with water or as they call it at Coachella: Drake’s tears. Even if you are not sweating buckets at Coachella, staying hydrated is essential for everyday survival.Make

Make enhanced water that is so fancy, Drake will cry from envy. Another means of staying hydrated is via water fortified fruits and vegetables. Amongst the comfort food trucks are healthy options of fresh fruit, smoothie bowls, cut vegetables, kombucha, and juices. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg on a VIP wristband to make eating watermelon look glamorous like Bella Thorne did.Make your own

Make your own glamorous watermelon concoctions to post to your Instagram. Now rock the watermelon emoji. Forget about the hour long lines at the food trucks. Have the 10 items or less line be the only line to wait in when you pick up produce for your own vitamin-infused water, smoothie bowl, or pure vegan goodness.

Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of diningindc.net

Ice cream is the perfect way to cool down after being in a mosh pit in the hot desert climate. The ice cream food trucks at Coachella do not have to play any music to attract customers. All they need is sexy photos to attract social media savvy customers.

Every nostalgic ice cream truck treat such as popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and scoops of ice cream are sold at the music festival. Even vegan ice cream is available. No matter what climate you are in, that ice cream hankering shall be tended to immediately. Use science and make homemade ice cream in a bag. Then get artsy with your favorite ice cream toppings. No animal products, no problem. Create your own vegan ice creams healthy enough to eat for breakfast, and with toppings that take it to the next level.

Social media has helped us open our eyes to killer ice cream sandwiches which are great for eating and racking up likes on Instagram. The same goes for popsicles that can be dressed with colorful fruits or your go to booze. I’ll scream! You’ll scream! We’ll all scream for homemade ice cream!

No need to feel jelly when you have your own. homemade and inexpensive festival grub. You can keep it to yourself, share with your VIPS, or throw your own No-chella party. Get your family involved by suggesting a Kidchella theme for the next child relative’s birthday party. Now you can taste Coachella whenever you please.