Coffee — I might as well plant a coffee IV into my arm and call it a day, cause boy am I sure tired most of the time these days, and it's not like I'm doing anything useful for the most part. Without coffee, I feel as if I'm one big potato that's living with a cat that is needy as heck, but wants to be left alone, yet wants to catch a cuddle in from time to time. It's rough, and being in quarantine doesn't make things any easier — that's where Clio comes into play with their fancy smancy coffee machines.

What's Clio?

coffee, espresso, tea, ice
Kelsey Emery

Since you're wondering, Clio is a coffee machine that's similar to Keurig, but not really. The deal with Clio is that it makes its coffee pressure brewed, meaning that you could have a pressure brewed Americano if you really wanted it. Similarly enough to Keurig, Clio utilizes the pod system, and each pod is single-use. Asides from coffee, Clio can also make tea and a double espresso, which could be used in iced coffee or in an iced latte.

Clio itself without the pods currently retails for $129, but there's a half off code on the website, thus bringing the overall cost to $64.50. In terms of the pods, you can either buy 10 of them at a time as you go for $11.99, which makes each cup of coffee $1.19 per cup, or you can do auto-delivery for 30 pods which is $29.97 a month, making each cup of coffee 99 cents, or you can do auto-delivery for 60 pods for $49.98 a month, making each cup of coffee a mere 83 cents. Clio comes in both white and in red as if it makes a difference to me which color you choose since you want caffeine, and you want it now. 

Yeah, it might seem as if you're spending all of this money upfront, and you're completely right about that, but you're only spending now in order to save later. Besides, with this whole quarantine that's going on, it's not like we can roam free to our local Starbucks and order a million and one coffees to go. Invest in Clio and not only can you stay at home in your underwear, but you'll also have coffee right by your side.