Drinking black coffee can be a pretty daunting task for some of us. On the other hand, if you don't want to overload on sugar and cream but still want sweet coffee, finding an alternative can be hard. If you're struggling to figure out how to make coffee taste better, these healthy sweeteners will make your cup of joe much better. With luck, you'll make the permanent change from sugar and cream. 

1. Cinamon

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Natalie Rodriguez

Not only does cinnamon have fewer calories than sugar, it also has tons of health benefits. Cinnamon is super flavorful and has a sweet smell. If you add a dash of cinnamon to your cup, you'll get a burst a flavor that perfectly complements your coffee every time.

2. Almond Milk/ Soy Milk/Coconut Milk

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Alex Frank

This one is my favorite hack. Using a dairy alternative gives you a wide range of milks to choose from. Unlike regular milk, dairy alternatives not only give a creamy taste but also a hint of sweetness. I personally favor the sweetness almond milk brings to coffee, but each one has its own sweet and distinct flavor.

#SpoonTip: If you need a full run down on the best dairy-free coffee creamers, Spoon has you covered. 

3. Salt

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Angela Kerndl

I know this one seems strange, but you can actually add a pinch of salt to your coffee grounds to bring out the natural sweetness in the grounds. You might have to play around with this one, but I promise it does make a difference.

4. Vanilla Extract

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Kirsten Andersen

If you love the taste of coffee creamers, you'lll love this coffee add-in. Try vanilla extract or vanilla bean for a hit of flavor. Add a few drops of pure extract to your pot of coffee or add a vanilla bean to your coffee grounds to infuse before you brew.

#SpoonTip: The longer you leave the vanilla bean in the coffee grounds, the better it will taste.

5. Honey

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Carter Roland

In addition to being sweet, high-quality honey also includes antioxidants that will prevent disease and strengthen your immune system. One squeeze of this will have every sip full of a sweet and delicious flavor. Play around with the varying amounts of honey and you won't regret trying this

6. Stevia

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Christine Chang

With this sugar alternative, a little definitely goes a long way. Instead of using tablespoons of regular sugar, all you need is a few sprinkles of stevia.

7. Agave

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Stephanie Lee

Agave is sweeter than sugar, which means you can use way less of it. It has a unique taste that's similar to honey.

8. Butter/Coconut Oil

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Caroline Ingalls

Adding butter and coconut oil to coffee is becoming more and more popular after the recipe for bulletproof coffee came out. The best way to incorporate butter and coconut oil into coffee is to combine all the ingredients in a blender so the fats and oils won’t float to the top of your cup. This cup of coffee makes a hearty and satisfying brew, perfect for any morning. 

9. Unsweetened cocoa powder

chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa
Jocelyn Hsu

You can never go wrong with chocolate, so why not doctor your bean juice with a little cocoa powder? If you really think about it, by using coffee and cocoa you can take care of two cravings at once.

10. Maple Syrup

cappuccino, milk, espresso, tea, coffee
Jamie Medina

Maple syrup doesn't just have to be for pancakes. If you want the comfort of a yummy breakfast, try adding a bit of maple extract to your coffee grounds for a sweet kick. The extract is lower in sugar and not nearly as thick as natural maple syrup, so you get all the flavor you love without the sticky mess.

Now that you know how to make coffee taste better, I hope your day is brightened as much as these mix-ins brighten your cup of coffee.