In the age of the rainbow bagel and mason jar, it’s hard to believe that we could bring food trends any further. But another thing blowing up as fast as Tasty videos and niche food Instagrams is the edibles market. With the invention of pot flour, restaurants serving weed, and marketing of ingestible THC to non-stoners, edibles are becoming more and more commonplace.

Want to get stoned like a true foodie? Here are some trends we think should catch on as edibles:

1. Açaí Bowls


Photo by Kristine Mahan

Get high off a different type of bowl. Sub marijuana for matcha, or swap hemp powder for actual hemp. DIY as you will.

2. Fancy Toast


Photo by Weichan Yu

Avocado toast is getting a little played out, so here are 11 ways to change it up. As upgrade #12, I recommend mixing some MJ into your avo mash.

3. Matcha


Photo courtesy of diff_sky on Flickr

Weed tea is already a thing, so why not infuse your matcha with something else green?

4. Oatmeal


Photo by Elizabeth Furiga

Make your bowl of savory oats stoner-friendly with a sprinkle of ground stuff on top of your bowl.

5. Guacamole


Photo by Caitlyn Shoemaker

All great guac starts with great onion-jalapeño-cilantro paste. Grind some pot into your base for some next-level dip.

#SpoonTip: Invest in a quality molcajete to get authentic af. 

6. Video how-tos


Photo courtesy of Tasty

Those super-sped-up videos all over everyone’s Facebook feed are great, but they would be even better if they included some weed recipes. Who doesn’t want to see pot brownies made start to finish in under 15 seconds?