Thought it was impossible to stay healthy studying abroad? Wrong! Just by following a few simple tips, you can learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying abroad, find your balance, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! 

1. Cook as Much as You Can

I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the city was so easy to navigate and get around. I could run down the street to the grocery store and easily get some fresh produce. I found that food was much less processed and so much fresher than it is in the states! If you have the ability to cook for yourself, do it! Dining out all the time is not only expensive, but you have no idea what they're putting in the food.

2. Find a Gym, Go for a Run, Rent a Bike!

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Shelby Cohron

Being in a completely new environment can be strange at first! Something that always helps me feel better is exercise. I lived right by lakes, and I would always go for a run when it was a nice day. I also lived right across the street from a gym, so it was great to be able to unplug and burn some calories! Finding a way to be active in your new home can help keep your mood up. It also makes you feel better about eating those very yummy, yet very unhealthy foods. It is all about balance.

3. Find Tasty, Healthy Spots to Eat

Europe is packed full of restaurants that use fresh, clean ingredients. You just need to do some research beforehand!

4. It's Okay to Splurge!

You're abroad for a reason! It's okay to get pizza or gelato if you're in Italy! It's okay to get waffles in Belgium! Eat the foods that the countries are known for, because you will regret it if you don't. Again, it is all about maintaining balance. 

6. Enjoy Yourself!

Do what makes you happy! Go on day adventures with friends, explore the city by yourself for a day and make sure to journal to keep track of the memories you are making. Studying abroad is your experience and it is up to you to make it what you want!