When I sat down for lunch with my spunky, stylish, fabulous great-grandmother (Mom-Mom), I couldn't help but wonder how she looks so damn good at the age of 100. Without hesitation, I blatantly asked what her secret is. She had several solid pointers on how to live to 100. 

Be sure to exercise (but only in moderation)

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Denise Uy

While Mom-Mom enjoyed participating in an exercise program when she was younger, she now finds that taking a simple 10 minutes to stretch in the morning does the trick. 

Mom-Mom also recommends exercising after a shower, as the hot water relaxes your muscles. She has remained active her whole life, and has no plans to change that lifestyle. 

Always eat a good breakfast 

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Jocelyn Hsu

Mom-Mom insists that a steady breakfast routine is essential to living a long and healthy life–she never skips a day. One of her breakfast go-to's is cereal with half a banana, strawberries, and coffee. Nutritious, delicious, and the key to success. 

Indulge every now and then 

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Rachel Kalichman

Though Mom-Mom usually eats healthy food, she insists that it is important to treat yourself every now and then. Her favorite DIY dessert is an ice cream float made of soda, strawberry ice cream, and chocolate sauce. 

If that combination doesn't float your boat, you can still treat yourself like Mom-Mom and try a different creative take on the classic ice cream float. 

Keep Your Mind Sharp

Mom-Mom believes that doing various things to enrich her mind is party of what's helped her live to 100. She has always kept up with current events, politics, and joined interesting organizations. 

"My husband was the president of our synagogue, which made me the First Lady!" Mom-Mom proudly noted. 

Enjoy a cocktail at night

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Carolyne Su

Even at the age of 100, Mom-Mom mixes herself a tasty cocktail almost every night. Her Summer 2017 drink is a simple, yet classic vodka and tonic. 

Although Mom-Mom recognizes how truly #blessed she has been to happily live to 100, she also believes that it is important to remember that "life is not always a bed of roses."

Alexa Rozansky

Cheers to you, Mom-Mom.