When an otherwise routine dentist appointment turned death trap, all that swarmed my mind was images of my favorite foods: apples, those extra crunchy Chips Ahoy! cookies, Froot Loops, and of course pizza. The impending oral surgery which included the extraction of not four, but five wisdom teeth left me with only days to prepare a list of foods that my oh-so-sore mouth would be able to handle.

Though I could barely talk, sleep, or sit still during the first few days, there was one thing that I could do: eat the enticing foods which I typically saved for special occasions, for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Here’s a list of some of the lifesaving treats that helped me cope with my wisdom teeth removal and that may just be able to shed some light if you’re facing a similar fate:

1. Chocolate (or Vanilla, or Strawberry, or Butterscotch, or Banana) Pudding

wisdom teeth

Photo by Amanda Nguyen

Ah, the creamy texture of pudding is ideal for your grieving mouth. Be careful, though, because once you find the perfect recipe, post-recovery you won’t be able to quit this stuff.

2. Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

wisdom teeth

Photo courtesy of bettycrocker.com

First of all, anything with cheese is just #1. Second of all, MASHED POTATOES WITH CHEESE. Once your oral wounds heal, you might even transform this dish.

4. Creamy Soup

wisdom teeth

Photo courtesy of djfoodie.com

Finally an excuse to eat broccoli cheddar soup 3x/day.

5. Milkshakes

wisdom teeth

Photo by Andrea Kang

Do milkshakes even count as food? Oh well.

6. Italian Ice (My personal fave: cherry)

wisdom teeth

Photo by Amanda Nguyen

Sweet and simple. And almost too good.


As a last resort (and I mean if you couldn’t stomach any of the previous foods listed) introduce yourself to Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, and Pillsbury… Frosting right out of the can (luckily I never quite made it to this point)

wisdom teeth

Amanda Nguyen