With social media being the most used form of communication nowadays, it's easy to start comparing yourself to what you see on the internet. People everywhere follow accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites about fitness and health. The problem with these accounts and social media in general is that they set unrealistically high standards for health and fitness. Instead of embracing the body they have, women everywhere have been pressured into feeling as though they need an over exaggerated hourglass figure. Instead of pushing yourself to reach these high standards set by society, use these methods to learn that the body you have is perfect.

1. The "Hourglass" Figure Isn't Always Natural

Lately it seems as though almost every celebrity has perfect hourglass shape bodies. Women like Kylie Jenner have an unbelievably small waist, wide hips, large butts, and small legs. The first thing you need to realize in order to be comfortable in your own skin is that body types like Kylie Jenner's are not natural. If you look up pictures of Kylie Jenner from only a few years ago you'll see that she wasn't always rocking her large hips and unbelievably small waistline. Instead of focusing on getting a body like Kylie's, you need to realize that at one point, Kylie didn't even look like this.

2. Stop Following Fitness Accounts

Yes, there are many fitness accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks that post really great content about workout routines and healthy foods, but the majority of fitness accounts posts images like this. Accounts that post pictures of skinny girls in almost no clothing are not going to help motivate you to lose weight.  Instead, what they tend to do is lower people's self-esteem because it's so hard to get the kind of body that these accounts post about.

Instead of filling your feed with different fitness motivation accounts that feature these kinds of images, follow accounts that post motivational quotes or pictures of healthy food. If you truly believe that losing weight will help you love yourself, then don't bring yourself down by filling your feed with images of extremely skinny girls. Loving yourself means accepting that who you are is perfect. Whether you believe you are overweight or not, you are still perfect

3.  Change Your Body Language

A super easy way to help boost your self-confidence is to stop slouching. By pulling your shoulders back and keeping your chin up, you give off the impression of being more confident. Overtime, this appearance of confidence can actually turn into real confidence. So, instead of slouching over in your chair or crossing your arms across your stomach, try keeping your back straight and your arms at your side. The more confident you look, the more confident you will feel.

4.  Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This next step is definitely the most challenging. Social media makes it very easy to compare yourself to what you see in other people's pictures. The best thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different.

 There are said to be three different body types: ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs.  Ectomorphs are skinny with a small frame, mesomorphs have medium sized bone structure with wide shoulders and small hips, and endomorphs have wide hips and narrow shoulders and typically carry more body fat. What this basically means is that the way you look depends on what body type you have. Those who fit under the endomorph category may find it harder to lose weight because of their wide bone structure that makes it easy for them to maintain fat. Ectomorphs on the other hand may find it easy to stay thin because of their narrow shoulders and narrow hips.

So, instead of beating yourself up about not looking like another person, take into consideration the type of bone structure you have. If you have very narrow hips, you may find it hard to get a "thigh gap" while you're friend who has wide hips may already have one. Don't beat yourself up because of the way you look because in the end you are perfect just the way you are.

If you're going to take away one thing it should be this: everyone is different, so in order to love who you are you must accept that. Being jealous of someone for the way they look is never going to motivate you or make you feel any better. What will make you feel better is learning that you are perfect no matter what. It may sound like a total cliche, but it's the truth. Now, if losing or gaining weight will make you love yourself, then go for it!  However, make sure you go about it in a healthy way that doesn't hurt your body. Don't get down on yourself for not looking like the girl or guy you see on a magazine cover, because that girl or guy doesn't look like that either.