Having somewhat decent skin is something that we all long to have, but are too lazy to achieve on our own. There always seems to be an obnoxious amount of skincare products that are out on the market, but what if I told you that it this whole taking care of your skin like a functioning adult thing could be simple? 

What is this magic that you speak of?

The magic lies within Walgreens and their new SkinID system.

Yes, I know that this sounds like something that you'd expect Sephora to roll out. But did they do that? No – Walgreens did, and be glad that they did because now, you won't go walking around with a mere three dollars in your bank account due to Sephora's prices. 

Spill the tea on this, now.

The entire SkinID system is obviously meant for your skin – duh. However, it's specifically targeted to help you, the consumer with putting together some sort of functioning skincare routine that'll be unique to you and to you only. The actual skincare routine will comprise of three skincare products that'll help you take care of your skin on a daily basis without taking up too much time or space out of your life.

One of the best parts about the SkinID system is that it's free to use, and can either be completed online from your comfy bed or couch, or in an actual Walgreens with their beauty consultant that'll be there to help you with figuring everything out. 

All of the products that will be part of your new and now existent skincare routine will all be available at Walgreens (wow!) and will be from an array of brands. I know that you probably still like that one drugstore brand from your young people days, but it might be complete garbage for your skin, and you might not even realize it. You should be open to trying new things out for the sake of your skin and overall wellbeing.

The best thing about all of your new skincare products being at Walgreens aka a drugstore is that they're all affordable. To you, the reader of this article and the consumer of these products, the price should matter not only because you're probably on a budget (aka a good thing; financial health is important), but because if you actually follow the skincare routine on a daily basis, you'll run out of product quickly. The more product that you use, the more often you'll have to run back to Walgreens to stock up. 

Why should anyone care?

You, the consumer should care because you'll actually be taking care of your skin's health, which could prevent having to endure multiple painfully expensive dermatologist appointments down the road. Also, you, the consumer should care once again because you'll be protecting your skin from those awful acne breakouts that you never really want, but show up uninvited at the most inconvenient times anyway. 

Taking care of yourself is important, despite if you need the extra help from a skincare professional or not. Your skin is something that you live with on a daily basis, and just like the remainder of your body, it cries for your tender, love, and care. Love yourself first by taking care of your skin and body; the rest will follow.