You know what's better than a Wendy's burger? Two Wendy's burgers. This month, the chain is giving customers two ways to get free burgers, just because. All you have to do is get your phone out (iPhone or Android) and download the Wendy's app. Then, go to your account and click "Offers." The free Wendy's deals will be listed there. Here's what's up for grabs this month:  

Get a Free Burger This Week

Now through Sunday, March 19, buy a small or larger fry and a drink, and you'll receive a free Dave's Single Burger. So, say you get a small fry ($1.99) and a small Diet Coke ($2.09), and you'll get a free burger with it, all totaling $4.08 without tax. Normally, that meal would cost you around $7.59 as a combo. It's practically half-off!

Get a Free Burger Now Through March 31

The fine print here: Buy one, get one Dave's Single Burger or a Spicy Chicken Sandwich free all month long. That's two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches or two Dave's Single Burgers—double the sandwiches, double the fun. 

How to Get a Cheap AF Salad

If you're looking for something a tiny bit lighter, you'll find a promo for $2 off any full-sized salad as well. I highly recommend the Spicy Chicken Caesar—the spicy, crispy chicken pieces are basically spicy nuggets, and I can't think of anything better to pair with salad. 

If your local establishment has mobile ordering, you can order your meal right from the app. If not, no big. You can choose "Use at Restaurant" and use in-store or when going through the drive-thru.

When you're hungry, just hit up the app to redeem the offers. I connected mine with my Facebook when signing up and it took me less than five minutes. And let me tell you, that's not a lot of work for free food.