Today is National Pretzel Day, and to give you a reason to care, Auntie Anne's is giving away free pretzels. 

If you're a My Pretzel Perks member, you'll get a free classic pretzel when you purchase another one, today through Sunday. No need to search for any codes or anything; this BOGO deal will be waiting for you in the rewards section of the app. 

If you aren't already a My Pretzel Perks member, to become a one, download the app and sign up for the loyalty program

New loyalty members will also get a second special treat. Make your first purchase of $1 or more using the app and you'll be handed one free pretzel item. So, maybe you'll be eating three Auntie Anne's pretzels today? One can only hope. 🙌

If you love Auntie Anne's so much and want to show your loyalty beyond signing up for the program and eating their pretzels, you can also check out their new retail line. They've put pretzels on literally everything, from t-shirts and hoodies, to notebooks and bathmats. Seriously—bathmats. 

Other Free Pretzel Deals

If your local mall doesn't have an Auntie Anne's, a couple other pretzel places will have deals you can snag, as well. 

Wetzel's Pretzels: Wetzel's Pretzels is celebrating Nation Wetzel Day and giving away free pretzels, no purchase necessary. And if you're still hungry after the first, follow Wetzel's on Insta and post a picture of your free pretzel with #nationalwetzelday. You'll receive a code for another free original pretzel to redeem on their app through May 31. 

Pretzelmaker: Head to participating Pretzelmaker locations today and get a free pretzel when you show the cashier you follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram. 

Sonic: For a limited time, you can get a soft pretzel with cheese sauce for $1.99 at Sonic. You might want to park to eat this one though—driving off with cheese sauce in hand is only fun if you're a total risk-taker. 

Godiva: If you prefer pretzels dipped in chocolate, hit up Godiva today for a free chocolate pretzel box with any online purchase, and get 15% off canisters at their retail locations. This is the gift of pretzels that will last you a little longer than the weekend. Maybe. 

So find your friend with the car and take a mini road trip off campus to the nearest mall for a free pretzel. You need to stop at Forever21 for more warm weather going out clothes anyways, right? Might as well get some free pretzels while you're at it.