Every Christmas, my mom makes Swedish pancakes served hot with lingonberry sauce and fresh fruit. Nothing will ever top my exclusive access to the "griddle-testers," the first two ugly pancakes sacrificed to test the griddle's heat. But because her version isn't really available for me way while I'm away at school, I settle for regular-old diner pancakes. This month, IHOP is about to make that pancake mission a whole lot easier.

National Pancake Day

That's right. On Tuesday, Feb. 27, from 7 am-7 pm, IHOP is celebrating National Pancake Day by giving away free short stacks of pancakes. You can only get the Original Buttermilk flavor for free (and one per customer, dine-in only), but still, buttermilk is a classic that never goes off-trend.

IHOP does one of these days every year, and almost every location across the country participates. All IHOP asks you to do in return leave a donation. 

Money Raised Goes to a Good Cause

National Pancake Day has been a thing since 2006, and since, IHOP has raised about $30 million for various community partners. But this year is different. IHOP turns 60 this year, and in celebration launched a 60 Days of Giving campaign to raise money to help children battling critical illnesses. IHOP's global goal is to raise $5 million for children's hospitals and various child-focused health organizations. 

Specifically, the fundraising supports three main partners: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each organization puts the IHOP donations to a children-specific cause, such as facilitating research into rare conditions.

How Can I Help?

The easiest way to help is to donate money to the cause. But if you are hoping to do more, Kiwanis can help. Kiwanis is a global volunteer organization, focused on children's causes across the world.  Volunteer opportunities associated with National Pancake Day can be found on Kiwanis' website, ranging from printable postcards and flyers to post around town, to instructions on how to organize a concentrated fundraising effort.

Even donating a dollar or two will help the cause. So make a difference and get a short stack of pancakes—sounds like an upped breakfast game to me.