Milk – it's that white liquid thing that comes from cows and is used in most foods such as cheese and cereal. It's also one of the basics that most households keep in their refrigerator. There are times where we have too much of it in our fridge or need to stock up on it but have no place to put it. You're wondering where to store your milk, and I say the freezer. Here's how to freeze milk.

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Katherine Baker

Freezing your milk might not have been something that you thought was humanly possible, but it is! Before I show you how to freeze milk, keep these two things in mind: only freeze milk if you're positive that it's not expiring tomorrow, and that it's going to expand on you when it's in the process of freezing. 

So what exactly will you be doing when you freeze milk?

First, you will need to have some trusty milk.

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Margaret Ann Riley

Then, you will need something to put in – preferably glass or plastic, but for freezer's sake, use something glass – like this trendy mason jar.

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Cheryl Ching

Once you have your milk and mason jar, pour some of your milk into the mason jar. However, don't fill your mason jar up to the very top with milk. Why? Thanks to science, the milk that's in the mason jar will expand, thus taking up space in the jar. So you need to accommodate the milk and leave space in the mason jar. Once that's done, you put the mason jar in the freezer. 

Also when freezing milk, there's no need to put ice cubes in the mason jar with the milk. Not only does that sound like a very weird thing to do, but once it's done freezing and is in the process of thawing, the ice cubes might melt, thus leaving you wth water in your milk. Remember kids, you want milk – not water and milk.

When freezing your milk, it's best to leave it in the freezer for three to six months. After that time period, it'll rot and start smelling, and then you'll probably throw it out because of its smell. 

I'd recommend freezing milk since it's a great way to save space in your refrigerator, get your milk to be a little colder, and see what really happens to milk once it's exposed to the colder temperatures of your freezer. Regardless of what you need your milk frozen for, I am glad that I was able to teach you how to freeze milk.