One thing's for sure, there's a place reserved for food guilt inside of all of us (regardless of whether we should feel guilty in the first place)—especially at 3 am when you realize you ate one Oreo...And then somehow polished off the rest of the package as well. But guess what? You're not the only one. Your dietary habits actually resemble those of NBA players more than you'd think. You could be on a Cleveland Cavaliers diet and not even know it.

At one point or another, a lot of us have all been guilty of having a weight-tracking, calorie-counting app on our phones (whether or not you ended up opening it is irrelevant). But what if instead of an app, your own personal NBA chef was there to help guide your through the maze of your bad eating habits? 

Feeding the calorie-burning, robust athletes who fill up NBA rosters is no walk in the park. Just ask Terry Bell, team chef of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. After managing the Cavaliers' kitchen for seven seasons, Bell knows a food challenge when he sees one. 

So what tasty but healthy food does the 5'11'' tall chef serve up to fuel the NBA's 2016 reigning playoff champions?

Lebron James aka King James

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Lebron's Insta features a meals truly fit for a king, like this a plate of fish, pasta, green beans, and a side of salad. Not gonna lie, if Lebron James left that room for 4.5 seconds while I was present, both of those dishes would be gone before he got back.

Kevin Love aka K-Love

We all have that one friend that gets picked on by the group—no harm intended, obviously. Cavs star Kevin Love knows this feeling too well, especially when it comes to his strict diet. Love got the nickname "80-year-old Grandma" during a team breakfast before Game 2 of the NBA finals.

While the team ate vigorously through mounds of pancakes, waffles and bacon, teammate Richard Jefferson poked fun at Love's breakfast of two bran muffins, a banana and skim milk. Love in reply, commented that his go-to munchies are kale salads and grilled chicken from Whole Foods.

Iman Shumpert aka Shump

Among the Cavs, Iman Shumpert hands-down has the most intense nutritional diet. To start his day, the 6'5" small forward chows down on a ham and spinach omelet, followed by a fruit and vegetable smoothie.

Lunch calls for a salad with a boiled egg and kale, with a possible clam chowder (but only if his chef is feeling funky).

At night, Shump eats two dinners—something heavy, such as pasta or steak, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm, and then another but much lighter one with something like salmon, around 9:00.

But of course, Shump, like the rest of us, has a favorite dish for when he's feeling extra saucy: tacos. Shrimp, steak, chicken, or lobster, Shump definitely gets down on some tacos. 

Cheat Day, whaaaaat?

Chef Bell says he isn't afraid to give his NBA players a cheat day from time to time, claiming food like fried chicken or mac and cheese is "...comfort food, kind of a treat, and goes a long way with them."

While both fried chicken and mac and cheese sound like A1 options for practically every course of every day, NBA players deserve a hand (or two) for keeping to their dietary goals. In terms of keeping up with mine...I'll start tomorrow.