Radishes stand out because of their bright red color, but they often get overlooked on the vegetable tray. In season from April until the end of summer, radishes have a delightful spiciness and crunchiness (they're part of the same family as horseradish, turnips, and mustard, if that helps you place their flavor). Although this veggie is extremely versatile and flavorful, it can be hard to figure out how to eat radishes because they pack such a punch. Luckily, there are several ways you can integrate the flavor of radishes into your life. 

1. Simple Summer Salad

Spoon University

Salad is one of the most obvious ways to use rashies. However, this easy salad integrates all the fresh flavors of summer and is the perfect combo of sweet, spicy (because of the radishes), and crunchy.

2. Ramen 

Radishes add a spicy crunch to a rich and steamy bowl of ramen. As a bonus, they add a pop of pink and white color to make your dinner look extra Insta-worthy. 

3. Toast

avocado, watermelon, radish
Hana Brannigan

Try some sliced radish on your toast. I love the combo of creamy avocado and crunchy radish in the morning. You can even try radish on toast with smoked salmon, green onions, or strawberries.

4. Cauliflower Radish Tart

Need a colorful dish to bring to a party? Try this cauliflower and radish tart, and attempt to make radishes just as popular as cauliflower. 

5. Burgers

Along with the classic lettuce, tomato, and pickles, try radishes in your burgers to add a whole new flavor and color dynamic to your barbecue. 

6. Roasted

If you're planning on roasting up some potatoes or carrots as a side dish tonight, throw radishes along for the ride. While the radishes are in the oven, they become sweeter and develop a super crispy and tender texture. 

7. Fruit Platter

Radishes pair well with all sorts of softer fruits including strawberries, oranges, and kiwis. They add a whole new level of crunch to a classic fruit salad. 

8. Kimchi

Kimchi is a popular and super spicy Korean dish. Interestingly, you can make it with radishes instead of the classic napa cabbage. The name of this spicy and flavorful dish is Kkakdugi Kimchi. 

9. Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls were a huge trend in 2017, but the concept of a colorful, nutritious, plant-based meal doesn't have to go away. Radishes will add a vibrant color and complement any other ingredient from quinoa to cauliflower. 

10. Tzatziki/Yogurt Sauce

I love making yogurt sauces like Greek tzatziki or Indian raita with cucumber, tomatoes, and mint. The naturally spicy radish pairs perfectly with the tangy yogurt. 

11. Raw

radish, pasture, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

This is probably the most obvious option on the list, but raw radishes are super underrated. They often get left alone on the vegetable tray, so be the one to give them a chance. If you're not a fan of the spice, you can always use this trick to cut the heat or just slather them in ranch. 

Radishes are super useful and don't deserve to be alone, so give them a chance. Their natural spice will take that ordinary bowl of noodles or dry piece of toast to a whole new level. Red and white radishes are most popular at the grocery store, but farmers markets sell even more varieties you can play around with in your cooking.