The quinoa craze is a never-ending cycle of awesome health benefits and serious deliciousness. Although foodies across the country use this grain on the daily in many ways, most people only know a few ways to prepare it. I'm here to tell you that you can use quinoa in every single meal, and the possibilities and variations are endless.


I'm going to start off by informing you about the most important meal of the day—breakfast. Since quinoa is gluten-free, using it as a breakfast food keeps you fueled and energetic, instead of feeling heavy and tired.

A great breakfast idea is an oatmeal quinoa breakfast bowl which can include any of the following: fresh berries, cinnamon, agave, honey, greek yogurt, or anything you usually throw in your breakfast dishes. This is packed with protein, flavor, and will fuel you for the rest of your quinoa filled day. 

Power Snack

Two great snacks to utilize quinoa with are muffins and barsIncorporate quinoa, coconut, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and nuts into a bar for an awesome mid day treat, or cinnamon, quinoa, and vanilla bean into the muffins for blast of sweetness. Power snacks that keep you energized and taste good? I think yes.   


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The trending lunch these days is a hearty greens and grains bowl filled with ingredients like quinoa, arugula, sweet potato, brussels, feta, lentils, and seeds. This lunch will keep you going all day long, taste great, and people will definitely be jealous of how Instagram-worthy it is. 


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Now for the classic side dish. Quinoa is amazing for a side because it pretty much goes with anything. Steak, chicken, fish, tofu, vegetables—you name it. A good suggestion for this, though, is to remember to always season your quinoa. It's a bit bland in its original state, so a simple salt and pepper is always needed. Add any types of spices to your quinoa to jazz it up


Contrary to popular belief, quinoa can be used as a dessert food too. Although most commonly used for power bowls, quinoa can be combined into cookies for a pop of flavor, or into a pudding for a change of consistency. These dessert choices are a healthy way to end any day.  

Whether it's a protein snack or a sweet dessert, quinoa is always there for a boost of fuel and deliciousness. You might not believe that a grain can be seriously healthful and tasty at the same time, so you'll just have to try it for your self.