It's no secret that the best part of baking cookies is the dough. Half the time, the bowl is empty before the oven is preheated and you're (barely) feeling guilty about shoveling spoonfuls of goodness into your mouth.

Thankfully, there's a perfect way to satisfy that delicious dough craving without picking up a mixer. Because Cookie Dough offers tasty renditions of everyone's guilty pleasure that are perfect for all diets: vegan, gluten-free, what-have-you. Whether you fancy a warm, gooey baked cookie or its raw precedent, these doughs are for you.

They're made with good-for-you ingredients like organic coconut sugar, maple syrup, and whole grain gluten-free flour blends. I wasn't passing up an opportunity to try three of these yummy treats, so I got a spoon and got to tasting.

Classic Chocolate Chip

Emily Rice

It's your grandma's specialty and your late-night craving done right. It definitely tastes more natural than the regular store-bought cookie doughs on the market, but I seriously enjoyed that. The balance of sweetness in the dough is perfect, and the dough-to-chip ratio (one of the most important factors) was on point. 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Emily Rice

Yes, I am one of the few people in the world who really enjoy oatmeal cookies. With that being said, I was STOKED that Because Cookie Dough created a combo of two classic cookies. 

This mix tasted really close to one of my favorite energy bars: a chocolate chip Clif Bar. The oat flavor against the chocolate was so delicious and hit the ultimate craving. It was the best of both worlds, and definitely my favorite of the three.

Double Chocolate

Emily Rice

This dough is marketed not only as cookie dough, but brownie batter as well, making it the brookie dough of everyone's dreams. If you're in dire need of a chocolately treat that won't leave you feeling sick, this is your new go-to.

I had no shame demolishing this entire container. It is the ideal solution to a brownie vs. cookie debate, leaving you content with never having to choose one or the other.

Emily Rice

This is the best edible cookie dough available, so don't let anything stop you from trying all the flavors. Eat 'em all and have #NoRegrets.