As someone who observes Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws), I do not eat pork, shellfish, dairy and meat at the same time or any meat that is not certified kosher. On campus, to maintain these dietary laws, I eat a mostly pescatarian diet, which is hard to maintain when eating on a meal plan. Add that on top of a lot of strong food dislikes, it can be hard to find stuff to eat. So, I have compiled a list of some of my go-to pescatarian and picky eater friendly meals at some of the eateries on campus.

Disclaimer: I also enjoy some odd foods, so some picky eaters proceed with caution

1. TDR

Jonathan Dickerman

Oh, TDR, the most unappreciated eatery on campus. There are plenty of options here to get food that is, healthy, pescatarian and picky eater friendly. There are always vegetarian and/or fish options and you can always create your own salad, sandwich or stir-fry. Also, don't overlook all of the individual smaller food stations to create a platter meal. Cereal is not just for breakfast anymore. I can't even list a go-to meal, because there are so many different options you can enjoy for a meal swipe. 

2. Pi and Fri

Jonathan Dickerman

Plain cheese pizza, pizza with other vegetarian toppings, and pasta (when the special is vegetarian) are the deliciously vegetarian meals you can get at Pi and Fry. If you also do not do dairy, then there is not much here other than curly fries. If you are a meat eater, their staple chicken tenders are a safe haven for many picky eaters on campus. 

3. Subway 

Jonathan Dickerman

Subway, the most hotly debated restaurant on campus. Despite the haters, Subway is a great way for pescatarian and vegetarian wonks alike to get their sandwich on. Customers create their own order and watch it get made so there is no fear of cross-contamination or accidental unwanted ingredients. My go-to order is Tuna on 9-grain wheat, with spinach and American cheese.

4.Einstein Bagel

Jonathan Dickerman

Einstein is also a great place for picky eaters, vegetarians and pescetarians alike because you can go as simple or complicated with your bagel order as you like. I'm a huge fan of smoked salmon, so my go-to order is a lox sandwich (without the tomatoes, onions, and capers) on a whole wheat bagel with plain cream cheese.  

5. Freshii

Jonathan Dickerman

Freshii is normally a great meatless option, but so many of their dishes are either spicy or have onion or tomato in them, things that many picky eaters, including myself, do not eat. However, Freshii is very good about taking stuff out of dishes if they are not the base of the dish itself. Try ordering a salad, burrito or bowl and ask if they can make your order without the ingredient you don’t like. For instance, my go-to order is the Tex Mex Burrito without the salsa.

6.Elevation Burger

Jonathan Dickerman

Vegetarians and Picky Eaters alike, this one is for you. Elevation burger features two different kinds of veggie burger, so even dairy-free folks can join in on the fun. For a meal swipe, you can get a burger with your choice of basic toppings, a side of fries and a drink. For some of those precious dining dollars, you can even add a milkshake or some more elaborate toppings to your order. 

I hope that this article helps you find some new options and tasty meals at AU, whether you keep kosher, pescatarian, are a picky eater or just want to try something new!