If you’re trying to avoid them, carbs can be a formidable opponent. They’re everywhere: in your bread, your mac & cheese, your noodles and the cream in your coffee. But, contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to be in your alcohol. It’s possible to enjoy drinking while still minimizing your carb intake, my friends.

1. Steer clear of beer and wine

drinking without having too many carbs

Photo by Sarah Schuette

Unfortunately, your favorite brew or glass of grape is loaded with carbs. The average glass of wine has two grams of carbs while the average beer has a whopping 10 to 20 carbs. So, basically, stay away from shotgunning beers. I don’t know about you, but I practically feel my thighs expanding. In contrast, whiskey has no carbs, as if anyone needs an excuse to drink whiskey.

2. Pick the right kind of liquor

drinking without having too many carbs

Photo by Darcy Graham

Most liquors have few carbs in them, especially whiskey, tequila, vodka and gin. But drinking liquor is not the only key to low-carb drinking. You have to pick the right kind. Practically every liquor store is filled to the brim with every flavor of every kind of alcohol. This is where that every delicious cupcake vodka or honey flavored whiskey can become your worst enemy. These sugary flavors of course have sugar, skyrocketing the carb count.

Bottom line: Just drink some whiskey. Or take down a whole handle. After all, whiskey will always be the champion of the night.

3. Watch your mixers

drinking without having too many carbs

Photo by Darcy Graham

Picking the right kind of liquor and staying away from beer and wine is only part of this low-carb wizardry. Next, you’ve got to remember to pick the right mixer. It seems like a lot to remember, right? Well, this part is simple. Try diet mixers, like Coke Zero or sparking water. But beware of tonic water, which has a colossal amount of 21.5 grams of carbs for one cup (say whaaat?). So, to save yourself 10 percent of your daily recommended carbs, order a vodka soda and not a vodka tonic.

4. Beware of the drunchies

drinking without having too many carbs

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Drinking is only half the battle. It’s easy to down a few low-carb beverages like a pro and end up looking like Patrick.

Even if you’re a low-carb liquor ninja, no one is immune to the doom of the drunchies. The night goes on and you start to get a little silly. You think, “Hey, I drank like a low-carb artist, so I can eat this McDonalds. Right?” This might be the hardest thing to avoid, even to the most adept low-carb drinker. The best thing to do is let yourself eat and soak up some of that good stuff for the hangover tomorrow. Just try to make a healthier decision at your favorite fast food joint if your still feeling like a health all-star.

Always remember that it’s okay to treat yo’self every once in a while. There are times when you simply need to just drink a beer or a whole bottle of wine for that matter. And that’s okay. But it’s always handy to have low-carb hacks in your back pocket.