As a small fry growing up "right outside Philly," I was over the moon when I discovered It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you don't know the show, it's about five friends (the gang) who run a bar in South Philly and are constantly getting into shenanigans. Over their 12 seasons, they have eaten a lot of food and visited a lot of Philly's favorite places. Here's how you can go out in Philadelphia area and eat like them:

Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats (Season 6, Episode 10)

In this episode, Charlie finds himself down in the dumps after spending all day trying to control the bar's rat population. The rest of the gang wants to treat him to spa day, but he misunderstands the word spa and assumes it is short for spaghetti. My personal favorite spaghetti in Philly can be found at Villa di Roma in the Italian Market. Villa is a great spot for a long Sunday afternoon dinner with family or a special someone. The gang also spends part of the episode "The Gang Hits the Road" in the Italian Market so maybe you can barter for a wicker chair or Soul Asylum tape while you're there.

The Gang Misses the Boat (Season 10, Episode 6)

In this episode, the gang feels that their group dynamics have been getting in the way of their individual success and decide to part ways for a while. I don't know where you can get a chicken sandwich with a side of beak in Philly, but I do know a few great diners if you want to have lunch like Charlie and Dee. The Melrose Diner is a true Philly staple and has the real classic diner feel. And while not technically in Philadelphia, the Llanerch Diner in Upper Darby can give you the same old school feel and a killer breakfast for dinner (Bonus: it was the diner featured in Silver Linings Playbook). Both are open 24/7 so check it out whenever.

Charlie and Dee Find Love (Season 8, Episode 4)

In this episode, the gang mixes with the upper crust of society whose only interest is humiliating them at a posh party. In the beginning of the episode, Charlie and Dee go on a double date with a wealthy brother and sister, attempting to come across as sophisticated. Two cheese platters are brought to the table, and being unable to resist, Charlie begins to stuff his face. His obsession with cheese comes up in a few other episodes, making it a key Sunny food. For good cheese in Philly, I recommend DiBruno Brothers. They have locations all over the city, with my personal favorite in the Italian Market. The staff is super helpful and will let you sample just about anything.

The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore (Season 7, Episode 2)

In this episode, as you can probably guess, the gang takes a trip ''down the shore." While I'm not quite sure where one could get Mac and Frank's favorite beach snack (a ham soaked in rum), the shore has plenty of great dining options. Much of the episode was shot on the Ocean City Boardwalk, so maybe take a stroll over there. Some shore favorites one can get on the boards include Kohr Bros. for ice cream and Manco and Manco, formerly Mac and Manco, for pizza. I'm an LBI gal myself, but all the Ocean City-goers I know worship Manco and Manco.

Hundred Dollar Baby (Season 2, Episode 5)

In this episode, the gang falls into the world of fighting, both legitimate and underground. Mac and Dennis train Charlie for a fight club-style tournament while Frank preps Dee for a boxing match. She starts taking steroids and Charlie steals some of her stash. Both of them experience 'roid rage and some crazy mood swings (similar to how I get when I'm hangry). Charlie is seen chowing down on some kind of sandwich that I'm going to pretend is a cheesesteak. There's so many places to get a decent cheesesteak in Philly, but my favorite has to be Tony Luke's, a great stop to hit before or after catching a game at the stadiums. I like to go classic with cheese whiz and onions, but some prefer American or Provolone and mushrooms or green peppers. I'll probably get hate for this, but I also love Pat's despite some locals' claims that it's too touristy.

#SpoonTip: When ordering a cheesesteak, 'wit or witout' refers to fried onions, NOT cheese whiz.

The Gang Dines Out (Season 8, Episode 9)

Finally, possibly the most food-centric episode of Sunny. In this episode, the gang goes out to eat at the fictional Guigino's Restaurant. Hijinks ensue and one unfortunate waiter ends up covered in piping hot spaghetti. For a similar Italian fine dining experience, I'd hit Ralph's Italian Restaurant, also located in the Italian Market. Ralph's holds the claim of being one of the oldest continually operating Italian restaurants in America and boasts an extensive list of celebrities who have dined there over the years. The ambiance is swanky, the food is authentic, and the menu isn't expensive enough that you need to break the bank. 


If you're not in Philly or not feeling up to going out, try cooking at home like the gang via this video. If you are in the City of Brotherly Love though, grab some friends and start the Tour de Sunny this weekend. Binge watch your favorite episodes, then binge eat your heart out. I won't judge.